The '' other and remaining '' Faithful and Discreet Slaves are '' useless ''

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  • waton
    Iutbad: "--the remnant of the ‘anointed’ scattered worldwide were probably writing letters, asking questions, offering unsolicited input and suggestions, trying to help supply “food at the proper time

    good points, but none of the pertinent but unwelcome "Dear Brother" letters to Brooklyn were classified and identified as written from partaker or Other Sheep, boys and girls even.

    Even opinions given in the spirit of Jethro, Moses' father in law, (an outsider) were viewed with apprehension, rejected, not acknowledged if used.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They are of no use in the congregations. They don't help any member in any way. If they were really ''appointed over his domestics,'' they would have real functions in field service, assemblies, and heading the congregation

    Many JW women are recognized as "of the anointed" yet according to JW's they have no authority to be in charge of anything in the congregation, because of their gender. So it seems to me, they are rendered doubly "useless" not only because of their gender but also because they aren't (and will never be allowed to be) members of the governing body.

  • Crazyguy
    would Jesus of really said such a stupid thing?
  • waton

    In wt understanding a member can be part of the F&DS at one time, but a domestic, receiver, at different situations. WT writer, but receiving his newest wt magazine on his bed in bethel. in former times. Did bethelites have a subscription, brown wrappers?

  • Drearyweather
    The so-called ''Faithful and Discreet Slaves'' who numbered over 15,000 in 2015 are of no use. They are just a distraction. They never dispense any food. They are of no use in the congregations.

    Still, more and more people every year want to be a part of this group. Even after the adjustment in 2013. No wonder the WT calls them as mentally unstable.

  • smiddy3

    Many JW women are recognized as "of the anointed" yet according to JW's they have no authority to be in charge of anything in the congregation, because of their gender.

    Yet according to JW beliefs they are recognized by Jehovah God and Christ Jesus as having authority to rule with him in the heavens for a thousand years ?

    So the Almighty and his Son acknowledge them with authority to rule but not the GB of Jehovah`s Witnesses ?

    Go figure

  • Drearyweather


    Most of what you have written is theory, but on ground level, nothing has changed pretty much for the partakers.

    My comments:

    After all, for nearly 100 years, all jw’s were taught and we believed that all the ‘anointed’ on earth at any particular time is what constituted the “faithful slave”.

    Yes, all anointed were the members of the faithful slave, but we were also thought that only a group of anointed was involved in the “spiritual food dispensation” department. Never in the history of the JW’s or the Bible Students have individual partakers apart from the President/BOD/GB were involved in preparing and dispensing spiritual food.

    Then suddenly and without warning, much of what we had been taught to believe and what was an integral part of our core beliefs for many, many decades all changed in just ONE Watchtower magazine.

    Most of what JW’s believe has been changed this way, through one Watchtower magazine and without warning. This is the only way any JW doctrine changes.

    Individual governing body members, theoretically, had no more authority than the other members of the “faithful slave” class.

    Individual GB members/President’s had more authority than the other members of the faithful slave. At least in preparing and dispensing spiritual food. Right from Russell’s time.

    Then came the stunning change. The governing body decided, independently from all the other members of the “faithful slave” class, that they, the governing body, they alone were the “faithful slave”.

    This change was not stunning, because, historically, all decisions were made independently of the other anointed ones. In fact, if you go behind in history, only one person, namely the president (Russell, Rutherford) made most of the decisions.

    That, IMHO, was exactly like a governmental coup.

    I think, a coup is when one group seizes power and authority from other group. In 2013, there was a titular change for all anointed individuals. No anointed person, even an individual GB member would tell that they are a faithful slave. Individually, all were now classified as domestics. Regarding power and authority – individual anointed ones never had any power or authority since 1879 and hence there was no question of seizure or overthrow, hence I don’t consider this as a coup.

    It was a seizing of power and authority in a most visible way.

    I am not sure how this was visible, rather than being printed in the Watchtower. What visibly changed for an anointed member in a local congregation?

    I really wonder how the rest of the ‘anointed’ truly feel about their being stripped of their “faithful slave” class designation without their consent or input?

    There are hundreds of protest letters written to the WT. Some of these can be found on the internet and this forum. But its almost rare to find any such protest letter from a disgruntled anointed one who left the JW’s because of the change in 2013. In fact, in 2012, there were 12,000 partakers, while in 2017 there are 18,000 partakers. Such a drastic coup should have decreased the numbers, but it’s become the opposite. More and more are joining the ranks even after the GB feels that some of them are mentally unstable.

  • waton

    Among the new partakers since 2013 are probably very few aspirants to one of the few jobs in the Feeding Slave or to Govern in the Body.

    The idea, 1) to be immortal rather than have only the perilous everlasting life, 2) to get rid once and for all of the bothersome body with all it's demands, 3) to have Jesus as a mediator, 4) to gain instant access to the ransom, 5) to be, as Christ's brother, sister, the recipient of all the largess of the Other Sheep.

    by just one drink, one bite is enticing. It was only slightly more enticing before 2013, errr 1919, when you became then also a member of the F&DS.

  • zeb

    a generation ago the f&ds was we were told the whole group of folks who slave away at bethel to produce all the books and magazines etc.

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