Blood Transfusions

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Oh, by the way. Take a wild guess who dreamt up the idea about no blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the first place?

    Charles Russell, the founder of the church? No!

    Judge Rushford, the alcoholic and second president? No!

    The third president N.H. Knorr? Yes!

    God didn’t want to talk to the first two presidents of the Jehovah’s Witness about the blood issue. Even though the Witness organization had been around for over seventy-five years. In 1944, God finally decided to give Knorr “new light” on the matter of the use of blood. Since everything produced by the writing department had to be approved by Knorr, here is his wisdom as explained in the Watchtower.

    "The blood in any person is in reality the person himself...poisons due to personal living, eating and drinking habits...The poisons that produce the impulse to commit suicide, murder, or steal are in the blood. Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes—these often follow in the wake of blood transfusion." - Watchtower, September 1, 1961 p.564

    There you have it. From God’s lips to Knorr’s ears.

    When you stop taking the blue pill and you take a step back, you can see the insanity quite clearly. However the insanity is not from you taking a blood transfusion, as they would have you believe. The insanity comes from you eating their contaminated “spiritual food” which is mixed in with the blue pills.

    The Society did mention that a blood transfusion could cause “sexual perversions.”

    Of course, a person must now wonder if Leo Greenlees, the pervert and governing body member, ever had a blood transfusion. This would of course explain his perverse behavior.

  • oppostate

    Just in case any JW is thinking of transfused blood changing one's DNA, here's a bit of info:

    Can having a blood transfusion change you?
    Studies have shown that donor DNA in blood transfusion recipients persists for a number of days, sometimes longer, but its presence is unlikely to alter genetic tests significantly. Red blood cells, the primary component in transfusions, have no nucleus and no DNA.
  • Finkelstein

    A New Boy the probable reason why god didn't talk to the previous leaders of the WTS over the blood issue is because BTs weren't into public awareness until the second world war (1940's) when the call went for people to donate blood for injured war casualties and a method of transportation of blood was eventually devised, promoted by the Red Cross organization.

    Nevertheless you pointed out the incredulous intellectual dishonesty the WTS used to substantiate and validate its own blood doctrine.

    The No BTs was always a weak doctrine which had little biblical (theological) support since the no blood usage originating from Hebraic law was given as a dietary law with respect to the scarceness of blood perceived by them.

    The WTS and its leaders have been notably caught lying and deceiving the general public and the following JWS when it came to supporting their own doctrines.

    But then again what do you expect when a group of men who self proclaim god has selectively and exclusively chosen them his earthly organization.

    Power corrupts , absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • TD

    Take a wild guess who dreamt up the idea about no blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the first place?

    It was Frederick William Franz.

    Knorr approved and went along with the insane reasoning, but it was not his idea.

    Knorr did not seem to have any ideas as far as I can tell...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''It was Frederick William Franz.

    Knorr approved and went along with the insane reasoning, but it was not his idea.

    Knorr did not seem to have any ideas as far as I can tell...''

    If my memory serves me correctly, I remember someone else entertaining this sometime ago, I just can't recall who was saying this and where. But I heard it before.

  • freddo

    My general understanding of the 1940's through early 1970's was that the Knorr/Franz combo was Franz came up with the stuff and Knorr ran the business to sell it.

  • vienne

    Our research led us to a now deceased physician who told us that he and his partner had a Witness patient [in 1945] who refused a blood transfusion. The two physicians both Witnesses wrote to the watchtower society asking for their help and stating the patient's religious objections. The Society wrote back stating that the patient was correct in his view of Scripture and the first no-blood article followed in short order. Who made the decision at the Watchtower Society level is unknown, but I suspect it was Franz and not Knorr.

  • new boy
    new boy

    OK president number 4 and not number 3

  • smiddy3

    King David and his men violated the diet restriction on eating blood when they were in danger of starvation and they never were condemned for it by Jehovah.

    Jesus had no problem in violating the sabbath commandment when a life was involved. And Jehovah never chastised him for it.

    The law in the "Old Testament" was about not eating blood {,diet}.

    And that same principle in the "New Testament" was about not eating blood carrying on from the "Old Testament" with its diet restriction.

    Think about this : If a person is starving to death and the only thing he is given is a blood transfusion he would still die of starvation, simply because blood is not a food.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions and even reject donating their own blood for their own personal use for later emergency`s.

    Yet hypocritically J.W.`s will accept blood fractions in medical procedures that are produced by blood that is donated by "worldly" people that is then processed in a laboratory into its various fractions .?

    They should be called out on this hypocrisy once and for all.

  • Bobcat

    Marked. And thanks for the info and links.

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