JWbroadcasting December 2018 : Under Examination

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    Half banana


    The "faithful and discreet slave" is nothing more than a character in a moral tale from a christ cult of the first century. The term has been appropriated by the Watchtower/JW org attempting to describe their own pivotal role as the exclusive servant of God in dispensing spiritual sustenance.

    Where has the JW org any evidence to show for this outrageous claim? Since their doctrines are never consistently the same, we can say that their spiritual food has always been "off". How could an almighty god use this unreliable bunch of preachers? Pull the other leg.

    How about "admiration for angels"?

    Come on we are out of pre-school now. Angels are just oversize fairies!

    "Expect a gradual resurrection"?

    Think honestly and don't be gullible, this is so outside of any possible human or known experience as to be of the nature of total fable. Sure you would like to believe it but really it's never going to happen is it? The bald fact is we do all die, there is no mechanism possible for returning us to life UNLESS you believe in fantasy and magic.

    "Jesus' prehuman life"

    It's another fantasy an old story not a fact and it's first found centuries before the Bible was written in ancient texts describing solar mythology-- and therefore a fiction. (The Sun God has a son who is the "exact representation of his very being"--reflected in the water)

    The JW organisation trades in Biblical myth and magic and gives a false hope to millions, that's how they make their money-- but they have proved to be wrong in everything they have ever promised.

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