Speculate now that 2 gb members are 80 will they be reasigned?

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  • Lostandfound


    the old man in your picture looked just like the old man in the video of Supertramps, "It's raining again" in the opening shot. Perhaps work for old GB members here as extras in videos etc, no need to say or do anything, just sit there with your stick! More benefit than what they do now.

  • blondie

    They might select another younger anointed man, but they will just keep the older ones on until they die unless they fail like the 2 pedophiles asked to leave and the so-called apostate Ray Franz.

  • Listener

    The November 2016 has an interesting article. The mag firstly talks about modesty (in behaviour). The last article states that the older men with positions should train the younger men then step aside to let the younger ones take over. It discusses a number of reasons why including the fact that younger ones are more energetic.

    It is clear from the article that further changes are in the pipeline and that includes more reassignments of positions to younger ones.

    It would also suggest you that it would be appropriate for older ones to step down and by doing so, they would be showing a number of Christian qualities, including modesty.

    It is ironic to see this article includes a photo of two guys in tight pants and coloured socks, I can't help but feel it is a direct message to Morris and the need for him to be modest by training younger ones and stepping down for them to take over.

  • blondie

    They may suggest that non-GB step down as elders in their congregation and retired them at 80, but what I have seen is that they remove them from any real "privileges" in the congregation except d2d (etc) something even women can do.

  • dozy

    They will be loath to put Sam Herd out to pasture as he has long represented the token "black guy" in the GB. ( It always baffled me why God was so keen on caucasian . mainly American men to be "Christ's brothers" on the earth ).

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