Apathy and of course Scandals!

by KW13 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • KW13

    I'm not sure how the society share media but congregation only releases could well be tracked using username and ip addresses, making it hard to leak or share videos without revealing it's source..

  • scratchme1010
    This religion won't die in a huge fiery blaze of glory, but i'm almost 100% certain that it will fade out into nothingness other the next 100 years (30 years?) as it becomes less profitable and loses it's members to old age and lack of interest

    I sort of agree. I think that they are going to (are currently are) evolve into something else. They are liquidating, and they are still exploiting their people to their bones. I think they are going to squeeze the juices from their crop until they can't anymore. So yes, as the religion that they are today, they will be gone, but something else may replace it.

    I don't think that money is the only thing that those people like. The love exercising power over other people too. In fact, that need to control people is so strong that it has negatively impacted them and the still don't let go.

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