Impact of Death of Favorite Character

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  • peacefulpete

    I'll assume we have all felt a jolt of loss when a favorite TV, movie or book character dies. When I watched the death of the Incredible Hulk TV movie after years of reading the comics and watch the TV show I was impacted. Funny even today it just feels wrong. When Hercule Poirot died/suicide I felt a similar jolt that has lasted years.

    Wolverine's, Iron man's and Black Widow's death in the movies made millions cry. Captain Miller (Tom Hanks), Maximus (Russell Crowe) and many others.

    Death, especially for a cause or the saving of others makes for a great ending that lasts. The feelings are real, sometimes even grief.

    Want to share any that moved you?

  • NonCoinCollector

    The very last Columbo mystery movie was sad to watch. Not because the character died, but it was obvious that Peter Falk, the actor, was struggling with his health. That episode aired in 2003 and Peter Falk died in 2011. He did a few cameos in other movies, but struggled to know his lines.

    It may not be what you were looking for, but the last Columbo movie signaled the end of an era that will never return. I hope there is never a reboot as it will never be as good as Peter Falk with his rumpled raincoat, cigar, and beat up Peugeot 403.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I was horrified when Gus died near the end of Lonesome Dove. It almost ruined the book for me.

  • BluesBrother

    I am not really so involved with films and tv to feel personal sadness when a character dies . The only one that was really poignant and sad was the last episode of Blackadder, on U.K. tv. That was set in WW1 and it ended when the characters, despite their comedic efforts to escape it,were sent “ over the top “ to a certain death in battle.

    That was deliberately made to be moving and showing the folly of war.......

  • punkofnice

    I'm probably more like BB. I don't invest my emotions in fiction.

    I just don't feel anything when actors pretend to die.

    I do remember however, being moved when Rose got torn away from the Doctor and sent to an alternate universe. It was well written fiction from the BBC. But then you only have to watch the News programmes to realise the BBC is expert in telling fiction.

  • ThomasCovenant
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Monte Walsh ( the book, not movie,)

  • peacefulpete

    The ending of Blake 7 was a pill.

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    The Iron Giant.

    That is all....

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    Oh, and Charlie from "Lost". That one REALLY hurt.

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