Please read this, these are the feelings I had come up again from CBS......

by Jesika 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Pistoff

    I think that this may be the watershed event for the anti abuse movement in the WT. This is a MAINSTREAM news show; I had a true believer call me and tell me it was on; I asked him to call me later but he did not.

    A news item doesn't just pop onto CBS news; it has to be verified, checked and watched. I feel that they have watched this story unfold in the last two years, and have realized now that there is merit in it. I am so happy to see it get onto prime time news. Now the WT is in the unenviable position of calling the report, by Dan Rather, a media manipulated by Satan; OR, just finally get down to admitting the two witness policy and banning talking about it was a BIG mistake.

    I think that they will continue to hide, and call the media liars. I think that this may cost them, I hope it will anyway, at least 10% of the fellowship in the next few years.

    Hang in there Jesika; people with any heart at all feel for you.


  • Mulan

    I feel for you Jesika.

    These shows really help me, in the healing process. Each time one airs, I feel better and better. What happened to me was one time, and very minor, compared to what I know happened to all the others. It was still emotionally painful and took a long time to heal when the memory returned.

    Keep working on it will fade.

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