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  • LongHairGal

    Hopefully you are not financially dependent on anybody in the JW religion.

    Because I agree with what Xanthippe said:

    Stop going and do other useful and pleasurable activities: college, travel, shopping at the local stores well-dressed and with a smile on your face. Be seen doing these things!! ...Not the sad-sack sitting in the back of the Kingdumb hall.

    Move on and get away from these miserable people.

  • Chook

    I don't ever want to see the inside of KH again ,unless there was a apostate gathering held a same location.

  • ToesUp

    I wouldn't. You have gotten to sweet end of the deal. You are OUT. WT is a wart on the a*s of humanity. They are a mere blip on the map.

    Go enjoy the rest of your life and your freedom. Don't waste any more of your precious time on a abusive cult.

    We truly feel there is a storm coming for WT. Child abuse law suits and dwindling donations and membership has them very worried.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    In answer to Finkelstein:

    " If so I've never heard of someone getting Dfed simply because of them living under the same roof of a person who is DFed ?

    Why cant you find a job and move out on your own then ? "

    The Witch/Wisewomen has never been a JW, she had some bad experiences with the Pentecostals which put her off all religion. What she does has nothing to do with religion, its just working with the spirits of the land to help people. She is well known in the media, been on TV and in newspapers etc and I worked alongside her.

    The JWs refuse to believe I was no longer taking part in that kind of work which they called "spiritism" when it is something the lady and I have not practised. they did not give me a chance to explain, they had found what they call evidence of my past involvement from the intermet and that was enough for them without giving me a chance to explain.

    I don't think the fact I shouted and argued with the sex mad elder who was grilling me about my sexual activities (of which there have been none). Since then they have wanted me out because I stood up to them and refuse to "hang my head in shame" (my mothers advice to me)

    I am on a low wage and cannot afford to get a place of my own. I would be able to move into a rented room but these days I wouldn't want to stay in the home of a stranger. None of my family have offered help and neither did the JWs. I also do not agree that living where I am affected my being a JW either.

    Thinking about it though, I do not believe those men are appointed by God and I will not sign one of those blood documents giving the elders access to my medical records and permission to turn off my life support machine either. No point in being in it if you don't agree with those things. x

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