How did Revelation make it in the bible?? It's a drug fuelled trip!

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  • Abraham1

    I agree with Vidqun, mikeflood, Rivergang

    It is like we understand “THE Child Is The Father Of The Man” (William Wordsworth) if we are coming through its context. Sight of rainbow used to delight him as a child, and the same excitement still remains in him when he grew old too.

    Similarly, if we are familiar with the mind-set of prophets, Revelation is easily understood. For example,

    1)Those who “lead others to righteousness” are called “stars” (Daniel 12:3; Revelation 1:20) Such spiritual “stars” can also choose to do disservice to their call (Mathew 24:29, 45-51) hence could be likened to “stars falling down on to earth.” (Revelation 6:13)

    2) Revelation 9:15, 18 speak about many people being killed through means such as fire, smoke and sulfur.’

    This world will undergo labour-pain-like situation (Mathew 24:8) before Paradise Restoration—many will be killed by “FIRE”or “fire-power” [modern-day weapons using firepower such as guns, missiles etc]. Many will be killed by “SMOKE” [toxic gases coming from factories and vehicles]. Many will be by “SULFUR” [explosive weapons based on gunpowder whose main ingredient is sulfur].

    3) When paradise is restored wrongdoers will not be there, among them are “dogs” too. (Revelation 22:15) Apostle Peter has already likened dogs with people who leave behind righteousness, thus going back to the old-ways, thus they don’t use their skills for own benefit. Dog’s extraordinary smelling capacity doesn’t benefit dog, it doesn’t use this ability to discriminate between what is food and what is not food—it eats even its own vomit. (2 Peter 2:22) Basically it is because they attach too much importance to themselves. Dog too displays the same self-importance by walking ahead of its owner, by barking at anything that it sees, by getting irritated when another species is loved ..etc.
    Thus Book of Revelation is about Paradise Restoration and all about how to develop qualities which will be appreciated by others.

  • Nikolaus

    I think good old John had some of those Patmos mushrooms.

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