Circuit Assemblies in the "Good Old Days"

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Jook, I imagine he died a disillusioned JW like many COs must have.

    There they are telling stupid stories to keep the rank and file keen as mustard and nothing ever happens. The organisational heavies keep parroting the Watchtower rubbish and they all die off, like the generation of 1914 did. Wasting their own lives and everyone else's.

  • Gorbatchov

    Born in 1970 I remember the rush to get a dining table and reserve it for the whole family 😎

    For us kids it was great with al the food and beverage.

    It was a big family.


  • Fisherman

    The entire JW exprience has changed. In the past, JW message was mainly about the "end;" now it is mainly about Christian living -with the end in the back burner

  • undercover

    Well, I'd say that remembering an assembly/convention from being a kid to a teenager is a lot different than remembering the same conventions as an adult.

    One 7 day convention that us kids had a blast at, and I actually remember somewhat fondly (from a kid's summer vacation perspective), my parents still bitch about - the long drive, the expense of a hotel, the 3 sessions a day, the sunburns, the heat. All that was lost on us kids that had a blast playing during the breaks, and sleeping during the sessions, and making new friends.

  • Ucantnome

    We had to sit through all the sessions, no going to the toilet while the sessions were on and take notes from a young age, asked questions on the ride home to see if you were paying attention. No playing in the intermission either.

  • AverageJoe1

    I remember David Algar very well. He had an amazing memory for names. He used to be our CO when I was a lad. I saw him 20 years later and he still remembered my name!

    My favourite was Brent Smith; a very funny Yorkshireman who was fond of a practical joke or two and gave a fantastic rendition of Jesús' parable of the man who sold everything for a pearl of high value... "even his three-speed donkey he had in the garage!"

    Richard Gillam was a giant and drove like a madman (something that greatly impressed me as a young man in my twenties, especially when he did a handbreak turn in the middle of a busy high street.)

    Assemblies are definitely not the same nowadays. They were so much fun in the 70s/80s to be able to explore the convention footy grounds even as young kids: Sheffield Wednesday, Notts Forest & County, Dudley Assembly Hall (with sneaky trips across the road to the zoo.)

    Nothing beat a bacon buttie and coffee first thing after arriving when you'd been up since 6am to catch the bus.

  • Gorbatchov
    I have a lot story's about the hired bus to the convention....

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