Circuit Assemblies in the "Good Old Days"

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  • Landy

    He did yes - I think he became pretty high up at the London bethel. I have vague memories of him staying at our house during his visit.

  • steve2

    "Don't let this be you brothers and sisters, if they could complain about Jehovah's provisions in paradise, are you complaining now?"

    I don't remember this actual demonstration but I recall several warnings that, if so many are going to be destroyed at the end of the 1,000-year reign - and they will be in a restored paradise - we had better be very careful about our attitude and behaviour in this system of things leading up to the great battle of Jehovah God.

    Every time I heard those kinds of warnings I used to feel so tired and sick in my stomach - not out of any criticism of the brothers - but because I kept thinking our "race" for everlasting life is never over. Kind of "just when you think you've made it, bang! You're going to be destroyed!".

    I suppose the modern-day organization no longer trucks so directly with such dire warnings - they wouldn't get away with the psychological torture. But they still push the Fear, Obligation and Guilt buttons - in modern, smooth-language context.

  • finallysomepride

    My last CA was back in the early 90s at the South Auckland Assembly Hall in Papakura, I can't remember if food was catered for. When did they stop serving food?

    As a child & growing up in Taranaki I remember fondly working in the food service.

    I can recall CAs in many small towns such as Patea, Hawera, Stratford, Opunake, Waitara & at venues like The New Plymouth Girls High School, The Taranaki Rugby Union Stadium (Rugby Park Hall) & food service under the stands.

    Wanganui War Memorial Hall, once I remember the NZ army were there at the same time, they were using the outside parade ground, for us lunch time entertainment LOL & there was also next door the Wanganui Museum, a place I always visited to kill time.

    Fun times but so boring

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Anybody else have fond memories of Albert Broad, John Blaney and more lately David Carter?

    Yes I remember all those. Albert & Dorothy Broad used to stay with us for the Circuit Servant's visit. John Blaney also had a brother who visited us, Martin I believe. I grew up with David (Cream Cake) Carter, sadly he has died. Another one was David Algar, I last saw him about 10 years ago at a KH dedication, maybe he is still alive I don't know, he is quite a bit older than me.


  • truthseeker

    I used to volunteer at Haysbridge (have I spelt that correctly) in Surrey. I did the cleaning and vacuuming, it was a great way to avoid boredom.

    For the district conventions I volunteered at Southampton and Twickenham.

    There is nothing social to look forward to in the the org. I think Facebook will replace what young JWs can't get from the hall.

  • truthseeker

    David Carter was a DO right?

    I remember David Bingham, Colin Conraderie, Richard Cullen, and another guy called Mike and his wife Deirdree.

  • WTWizard

    These days, there is the attitude that it is for joke-hova that you attend, not to have fun or meet a prospective spouse. This greatly limits the choices, so people are more likely to get stuck with someone they are not attracted to or even compatible with. It also makes it pointless to even attend at all--especially when someone is going to post most or all the program online, and anyone with broadband Internet access can get the material without having to sit in miserable seats with people that are miserable to be around.

    Not to mention, one can donate precisely what the program is worth. Which is nothing. Anyone that wishes to spend the money can just as easily put what they would have been guilted into donating right into their favorite precious metals dealer and buy that much worth of whatever gold or silver product they feel like. They can also play with that much money instead of just throwing it away. Not to mention, they don't have to waste the gas going to the a$$embly instead of going to YouTube.

  • schnell

    Well, the last assembly my wife and I attended was last year. In a talk from the CO, he stressed the importance of having a large shield if you were a soldier in Judah, because armies back then would shoot arrows with jars of burning oil. All of them. They all had that. Very aerodynamic, and no risk to the archers whatsoever.

    Another said that when we do something good in his eyes, Jehovah looks down on us from his throne and smiles. He gulped nervously as he said, "Isn't that a nice thought?"

    It is a solid waste of time.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Blues Bro, I do remember Albert Broad. I remember him informing us from the circuit assembly that he was a London cockney sparrow (pron. sparrah). He was straightforward, humble and put his faith in the Watchtower org. But the best part was that from the platform at the circuit assembly in autumn 1974 he said to the assembled idiots present, that if Armageddon doesn’t come by the end of 1975 then Jehovah’s Witnesses will be the laughing stock of the world..................

    I never knew what became of him but the lesson is clear; never trust anything that the JW org says.

  • snugglebunny

    Ha ha! John Blaney - larger than life!

    He'd set us kids a task, such as discovering who was the second oldest man in the Bible, then he'd write us each a "Diploma" for getting it right.

    A real character.

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