NBA Player Retires to Serve as Jehovah's Witness

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  • sparky1

    Dave Meyers died in 2015. He never got to see the Great Tribulation, Armageddon, or the New System of things. But he is of the 'Overlapping Basketball Players Generation' with Darren maybe Darren will see these things in his lifetime. As an interesting side note, I was regifted a gold watch from a friend of mine that received it from Dave. It was stolen from me in 1977.

  • smiddy3

    And here in Australia we have a professional football player, AFL , who is a JW and threatened to resign and go into the full time work as a JW ,never baptised changed his mind and signed a new lucrative contract and is presently offside with injuries for the rest of this season .

    Mind you he is in his mid twenties has a wife and family.And to my knowledge is not an Elder or MS.

    My question is : How does the WT/JW organization view him ?

  • sir82

    I'd say there is a 90+% chance he was raised as a JW, or has a grandma who is a JW, or something like that, and something in the political world has scared him, or climate change has scared him, or he had someone close to him die, and now he' looking for "security".

    No normal adult person converts to JWism "out of the blue" anymore.

  • careful

    As DNCall and sparky1 said, Dave Meyers became a Witness. Note that he was preceded by Elmore Smith. That makes at least 3 ex-NBA players who converted. In 1985 Meyers' story appeared in the Awake! magazine:

    Meyers' death in 2015:

    Update on Elmore Smith (2017):

    It's interesting that, at least in this short YouTube blurb, he never mentions being a Witness. Perhaps he just didn't bring it up, or did and that didn't make it into the video. He still lives in Cleveland since his speech has Cavalier logos in the background. More on his life in wiki, but no mention of JWs:

    And he runs a Bar-B-Q sauce business and restaurant in Cleveland:

    Does anyone know if he is still a Witness?

    There was also the case of NFL player Jason Worilds, a defensive outside linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers who packed it up in 2015 in order to devote more time to JWs, giving up at least $15 million.

  • redvip2000

    Well with Prince gone, the Jdubs needs a new famous (well barely) member that they can use as their coolness poster boy.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Well with Prince gone, the Jdubs needs a new famous (well barely) member that they can use as their coolness poster boy.

    Coco Rocha is our girl now, even though she has the nerve to show her midriff and upper thighs like a common Babylonian whore:

  • slimboyfat

    Who was the footballer who gave up football because of 1975? Has anyone got any clippings?

  • Prester John
    Prester John

    If you mean football as in soccer, you're probably referring to Peter Knowles, who gave it all up when he was at his peak in 1969.

    Played for Wolverhampton Wanderers and was often compared to George Best.

  • Prester John
  • Prester John
    Prester John

    Peter Knowles life story appeared in the Awake sometime in the 70s. One thing that always struck me as odd about it was his claim that nobody in his local congregation knew who he was when he started going to meetings.

    Peter Knowles was one of the top footballers in England at the time of his retirement. He played for a big club, yet he claims that nobody in a congregation in the region of that club knew his identity. I find that hard to believe.

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