ultimatum stop the practice of shunning or lose your charity status.

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  • ttdtt

    It would be an unenforceable law. Members already pre-shun people who don't live up to the "standard". We already have tons of statements about, "not everyone in the hall is good association". Even a legal edict would not make a major change unless the GB wanted to revers the policy for the good of everyone. And that would NEVER happen for a few reasons.

    1st - it would tell people, we have been wrong and cruel all these years, and don't listen to us any more.

    2. People would stop coming to meetings and going out in service.

    DFing is the BIG HAMMER they have over everyones head. That gone, the Cult Falls!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    Ain't gonna happen.
  • poopie
    Coming soon to a theater near you
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    That ''shun gun'' is what gives the Borg it's power. I think that pulling the ''shunning policy'' would do more harm to the Borg than giving the ultimatum of losing tax exempt status if the Borg did not lose the ''shun policy''.
  • smiddy

    As well as shunning they also have a system of " marking" one`s in the congregation who they don`t think is a worthwhile associate .

    This is like a mini shunning by a select few

    How would any one be able to police that attitude .


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