Gorby: shock from convention today

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  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby went for family reasons today, sunday, to the convention in Switerbant, Netherlands.

    From the start it was clear, a fully media event. Country, gospel and choir songs combined with socio emotional videos for tear teasing. Some sisters danced with their hips. Strange to see that the jw belief is changing into evangelical modus. It must be a well thought scenario, feel good combined with self help theology. My grandparents will turn in their grave.

    The wife of Lot video was awfull with horror aspects. I don't like it and don't want our children to watch it. The drama made clear: no university, no good paying job, no gathering with worldly family but only work for jw.org, pioneer was the message.

    The end part was disgusting. The Branch official was a notorius liar. About 607, 1914 and 1918/1919. About the 3 generations and that current parttakers are not the real, 2nd generation anointent.

    And then he said: a dutch paper wrote that jw have a high standard of protecting children.

    AND: the organization is the most open and transparant organization in case of child abuse.

    Then Morris III told in a 30 seconds elevator pitch that the end is arround the corner.

    Liars, liars, liars.

    I told my wife that I have no connection with the organization, it is a religion of simple people, that I hate these liars and it is my last ever convention day.

    She smiled...


  • Crazyguy

    Her smile tells you what, that she agrees? The JWs really are simple minded people.

  • steve2

    Gorbatchov, very informative OP. Was attendance up to expectations? I ask because some reports say that at conventions this summer fewer than expected have attended.

  • waton

    Gorby, thanks, can you expand on the "current partakers are not the second group end time anointed"? was it explained why? clearly whatever group is alive now. so, because they are mistaken partakers? or the the are the third group already? or the groups are even more narrowly defined, WT biggies?

  • Finkelstein

    Then Morris III told in a 30 seconds elevator pitch that the end is around the corner.

    Liars, liars, liars.

    Fear mongering bullshit is what the organization built itself upon, therefor its going to do so as a means to sustain itself.

    You might even say it cant stop and lose members .

    There is lot a money and lives at stake within this organization from the top all the way down.

    ie ... the cars the GB men drive and the plane trips around the world dont come out their own pockets, if you catch my drift. $$$

  • sparrowdown

    The signs are all there folks of the wondrous transformation of JH's org taking place in front of our eyes.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hi Gorby, You know, I totally relate to your sentiments. I attend the meetings PURELY for social reasons. Each meeting I attend I feel sick to my stomach because I am living a lie. I walked out to the car today mumbling cult cult cult.

    I feel sorry for the rank and file because they are sincere people. It is a revolting captive religion that sucks people in. It is only later these same individuals once they find out the TTATT that they realise they can't leave without consequences.

    The watchtower 'corporation' masquerades as a Christian organisation. They are nothing more than a high control group with wacky teachings and policies that destroy people's lives!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Stop going to conventions, stop going to meetings, just stop. Live your one and only life bullshit and cult free. Start now.

  • waton
    Gorby, thanks, can you expand on the "current partakers notin 2nd group?

    to answer my own question: Wt could maintain, that any partaker under 54 years old, could not be of the 2nd group, because that is how old F.Fransz (their gold anointed standard) was, when he overlapped the pre 1914 anointed. who have obviously been overlapping since Pentecost 033. ha ha.

  • Gorbatchov

    He said that the end is very soon arround the corner because there will be second generation anointed on earth when armageddon take place.

    And most of current anointed are 3th generation.

    This convention day was full of madness. All planned, with full media.

    With simple people I mean that the JW are full in conversion to an evangelical church, what they former disguisted and now they clap like willess people after each emotional song and tear teasing video. Many people with tears in their eyes.

    Video's with simple daily problems, praying and pioneer that's what they show continue.

    You must be simple then. There are bigger issues.

    Conclusion, it's a self help club.

    Some dancing at choir, country, lion king style and gospel and we are one happy family.

    Don't think of succes in the big bad world, but keep it simple, just pioneer and get the prize.

    So I told my wife that I have no more connection and no more symphatize for this religion. 5 generations ago my family needed this religion. Now it's time to quit this connection. We grown out of it.

    We changed and the religion changed. It's enough.


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