Here's another subtle reverse-witnessing topic:

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  • Vidiot
    Crazyguy - "...One JW even posted the comment 'now it starts'..."

    "...p... please? We've been waiting so long..."

  • coalize

    On this subject, I like the year 1227 card!

    WWI : 19 000 000 of kills : (1% of the world population)

    WWII ; 60 000 000 of dead : (2.5% of the world population)

    1227 : Gengis Khan : 40 000 000 of dead : (17% of the world population)

    Proportionnaly, the conquests of Gengis Khan, was 7 times more brutal than WWII...

    End of times of shit...

  • Vidiot
    jwfacts - "Media reports are generally poorly presented."

    There's a few other of factors, too.

    First, we've all heard the phrase, "it if bleeds, it leads", but it's really true. Headlines featuring bad news... print- or net-based... simply tend to gain more traction, for a whole bunch of reasons. Plus, media has simply gotten better at reporting on everything that's happening everywhere else, due to the advent of the Information Age.

    In addition, there seems to be a funny glitch in the human brain that if we read, say, ten news bits about the same event, our subconscious seems to inadvertently interpret it as ten separate events. We don't know why.

    Thirdly, we all tend to forget that bad news is the exception, not the norm, specifically because it's bad news. Mass shootings, for example, are statistically rare. That's why they're reported on. If they were happening everywhere, all the time, they wouldn't be news. It seems paradoxical, but it's true.

  • StarryNight9

    Talking with Uber-JWs is always a buzzkill. They revel in major disasters (nature or man-made) as "the end is near". It makes JWs extremely uncomfortable to go 100% Pollyanna with facts to back it up. The whole religion is a doom and gloom theme.

    Personal disasters are just opportunities for a conversion. It's absolutely disgusting to hear JWs hoping people experience some sort of misfortune (especially the death of a loved one) so they're receptive to "the truth" the next time a JW approaches them.

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