Is this true:

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  • crmsicl

    With regards to this paragraph. I recently noticed the signage at local KH no longer lists the Spanish Congregation.

    As expediently as possible, all local Kingdom Halls will be deeded over to the individual congregations. The local congregation should immediately begin to take steps to form itself into an individual legal entity in order to take ownership of the property. Where there are more than one congregation currently sharing the Kingdom Hall, only one legal entity need be created in order to take legal ownership of the property. Help from the Legal Desk is available and a separate letter to the Body of Elders is following containing more information about this adjustment.

  • sir82

    Pro tip:

    People would be more likely to fall for your goofy made-up BS if you composed the content using proper grammar & spelling.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yea it's true along with Armageddon is coming tomorrow, we will all be young again with 2 years, all our dead loved ones will be with us even our pet dog that died 20 years ago!

    just saying!

  • pale.emperor

    Huge clue was where it said:

    ...this teaching is one which arose as a central aspect of the 19th Century Adventism which so influenced our founder, Charles Taze Russell and his early associates and continued to be promoted throughout much of our history.

    a) They dont regard CT Russell as their founder.

    b) The blood ban came in during Knorrs tenure. Not Russell. Even Rutherford was ok with blood - but vaccinations were discouraged.

  • Dubfounded_12

    Ha ha ha it’s all wishful thinking.

    It would be great if true. Also the date is the end of July, we would have definitely heard something official about this by now.


    When I see it on JWSurvey I’ll believe it.


  • iwantoutnow

    How do you spell Bullshit!
    SO SO Silly.

    Just read 2 paragraphs and you would know (if you were an elder) that the WT does not prase things like in this letter.

  • Vidiot

    What a load of crap.

    There's no fucking way this is real; they might as well accept evolution and declare Satan to be a purely metaphorical.


    I wish it was real! 😇


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