Governing Body letter

by John Davis 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freddo

    I think the last one that was a separate letter headed from the GB was about the group study being dropped.

    This one looks like the usual yearbook boasting session opening letter.

  • stuckinarut2

    As S Lett said:

    "The Governing Body Loves you....."

  • smiddy

    How about a letter from JC the reigning King for 103 years ,no ones heard a word from him at all ?

  • steve2

    The GB letter repeats two of the main stats from the 2016 service year and printed in the 2017 Yearbook:

    Peak number of publishers this past year was 8,340,847; Bible studies averaged 10,115,264 each month.

    Have they not get any more recent updates?


  • darkspilver

    Peak number of publishers this past year was 8,340,847; Bible studies averaged 10,115,264 each month.

    Have they not get any more recent updates?

    So if a Bible Study takes a year to progress to become an 'unbaptized publisher'

    That means NEXT year there should be around 18,000,000 publishers

    If not, they must be doing something wrong....

  • Thisismein1972

    Having scanned through the letter, my opinion is that this letter stinks to high heaven (pun intended) of desperation.

    Reading between the lines, the Watch Tower know the numbers are dropping and by the sounds of it are in deep do do. For example, remember Chemical Ali, the defence Minister for Iraq. He told the world Iraq was winning the war, when in fact Iraq was being destroyed.

    Another reason for this letter is because of the amount of judgements that are now going against the Watch Tower, and these judgements are being highly publicised.

    Simply put, the Watch Tower is actually running scared, and it's happening before our very eyes, personally, I think we are watching history unfold here.

    I am not one for predicting the downfall of this organization, as it is far to rich to fall overnight, however, I do think we are now seeing the org beginning the process of being on it's last legs.

    We may even see the downfall in most of our lifetime's.

  • EverApostate

    When I was a JW, I used to amuse myself how the dubs used to react to such announcement about important announcements. They would get overly excited as if Armageddon date is going to be announced and then implode like a deflated balloon, when it ends up as a local announcement

  • Darkknight757

    Dear brothers: (not sisters, they don't count)

    We still have the truth. Loads are coming in. Armageddon is very close. Lots of studies. Carts are posting fine results. Many new Kingdom Halls are needed. God is love.

    Your brothers,

    The GB.


  • Aroq

    Thisismein1972, Does this mean what I think it does? This generation now living may not die until the WT has met its end? Or could it be 3 overlapping generations?

  • Thisismein1972

    Aroq all I can say is watch this space, well maybe not this space because that could take another couple of generation's too. One would name this the overlapping of the overlapped generation who lived to witness the generation that saw the first overlap of the over...oh I give up!!

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