Begining of freedom???

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    Hello every body!

    It's my thirst time here. I'm verry glad to tell you my resignation as an elder in my local congregation. I've written a letter to the body of elders that i decided not to still elder aigain even a minute. But their asked me to take my time to think about my decision. I answered them no to waste time, but to follow the instructions in the elder's book. This book says to choose two elders to dicuss with the resigned elder, if it is for personal reasons to get details of his resignation.

    But their told me to wait for this procedure. As you know being a jw is easier than getting out. There is no honrable issues. Their decided to make inquiry before exchange with me.

    Thank you evrery body in this forum for your differents topics. I'm know awaked . Thanks a lot to the site and its owners. I'apologize you for all grammar mistakes, for i'm not a native english speaker.

    See you soon.......


  • pale.emperor

    Welcome to the forum. Always great to hear someone wake up, more so when it's an elder.

  • smiddy


    Welcome to the forum my friend we look forward to hearing more from you when you are ready to share your story or snippets thereof.

  • oppostate

    It was liberating when I resigned, although it also brought a lot of changes in my relationships and interactions with other JWs. You really get to see what sort of friends you have developed over decades.

    It is all about high status within the organization for some and this becomes quite obvious when you step down from responsibilities. Wherever the carcass is, there the vultures will gather.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome JW-Awaked. Really good to have you join us - and to hear you've resigned from the org's religious police force.

    Best advice I can offer to you is this: when I stood down as a Ministerial Servant, I had to meet with the Coordinator and the Secretary elders. They pushed and pushed to find out my reasons for quitting. I simply kept pushing back each time by saying, "It's personal, and I don't want to discuss the reasons with anyone just now."

    Tell them nothing!!! They cannot force you to tell them your reasons. Best wishes for your future.

  • John Free
    John Free

    Welcome to you!!! Congratulations on finding the strength to to take this step. You have been mistaking a controlling cycle of cult indoctrination for a spiritual feeding programme. The sooner you can stop wasting your time with this group the better your life will become. I was in a similar position to you, awake, they were piling on the pressure for me to remain an ms. My solution was simple...I just stopped attending, I offered no explanation. I told them I wanted to be left alone. Sometimes we can allow pressure to blind us to the fact that it is easy to leave this organisation. Best wishes!

  • wheelwithinwheel


    It can be difficult to step down. My wife began missing her pioneer hours and told the elders she felt she needed to stop pioneering. The elders told her she needed to talk to the C.O. first. The C.O. stepped in and said he did not want my wife to stop pioneering. He proposed to stay on the pioneer list and just not do the hours. She was shocked and actually mad that he did not want to respect her decision. She had to argue her case telling him she felt not doing the hours was dishonest.

    Next she stopped service all together and began missing a lot of meetings.

    Then we moved to the next step of our fade and I told the elders I needed to resign because I felt that my wife's situation was not a good reflection of my spiritual shepherding. Once again the C.O stepped in and said her situation had nothing to do with me. He said "She is not a bad reflexion on you. You do not need to step down and the body does not want you to step down."

    Funny how they use the rules as they want. I've seen pioneers taken off very quickly when the elders want them off. I have also witnessed elders lose their privileges for a minor problem with their family.

    Anyhow I fixed my problem by handing an announcement to the brother giving the announcements just before the meeting. It read: "For the present time, Brother Wheels will not be serving as an elder." He read it. Everyone was shocked. They looked at me with a 'what sin did you do look?'

    When I stopped pioneering they had seen the writing on the wall and did not argue with my decision.

    Congratulations and welcome to a new chapter of your life!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Congratulations Awakened J17, you are an encouragement to us and you can be proud of yourself because it's often hard to break free. You have done a surprisingly positive thing as I think you will find out. The more individuals who see your example and escape from this harmful cult; the greater the speed of decline of the JWOrg.

    You now can enjoy your own choice of life and be happy in doing so. You have already joined the apostate summer convention where the motto is "Give up now!"

  • freddo

    You have to be firm about it but not giving them any "apostate" ammunition. Practice doing what The Searcher says in his post.

    If they take too long for your liking just do the following -

    1. Tell the elders that effective immediately you will not be doing any more platform assignments or leading field service groups. Don't turn up at the meeting on any day you are assigned.

    2. Tell everyone else that you have resigned as an elder and are waiting for the elders to sort out the paperwork and the announcement.

    That will hurry them along for sure.

    just tell everyone you have resigned and are waiting for the elders to get the paperwork sorted so they can announce it.

  • ToesUp

    We LOVE to hear from resigning Elders. WT is loosing even it's "most loyal." The internet is shooting holes it WT "doctrine." Welcome to the forum. We hope to hear updates on the outcome.

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