Side effect of Downsizing......$$$

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  • sparrowdown

    They don't need or want as many KHs anymore.

    And yes at the end of the day to "Jehovah" all KHs and their monies belong.

  • Incognito
    Why would anyone who attends a meeting and donates think they own anything? - kramer

    It's not a matter of thinking they own something. It's more a matter of JW's donating for a specific purpose such a a new KH or remodel, but then WT takes that money for other uses, not the purpose is was originally claimed for.

  • flipper

    WT Society leaders are totally using fear, guilt, and mind control tactics to steal rank & file JW's hard earned money from them. Lies and false promises too. By using loaded expressions like - " donate to the worldwide work " or " donate to the kingdom interests " , even the once a year articles that come out every September or October in the WT explaining in DETAIL how JW's can donate through every means possible ( trust funds, life insurance policies, jewelry, cars, inheritances ) I mean for christ's sakes - then WT rips Witnesses off by taking any excess money in kingdom hall accounts for " worldwide work " or " kingdom interests " ? It's a scam of epic proportions !

    And WT is even using this scam as I posted on another thread in siphoning off funds from donations for JW hurricane victims - allegedly - by insisting that NO food, NO clothing, or NO money be marked for " hurricane relief " - but that ANY donations HAVE to be marked for " the worldwide work " . That way there's no transparency and WT financial leaders can use these funds anyway they want - i.e. like paying out child abuse lawsuits or victims - or fattening up secret offshore bank accounts for the WT Society. Makes me so angry I'd like to spit. Bernie Madoff didn't have anything on these WT crooks. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Vidiot

    Anything that makes it easier for the faders, fakers, and fence-sitters to leave is fine by me.

    Downsize away.

  • joe134cd

    It just makes me so angry that when ever I try to bring to the attention of my father what Wt is doing with his money. He just doesn't wanna know. So sad.

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