Side effect of Downsizing......$$$

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  • _Morpheus

    Correct. Two - three months reserve is the max.

  • flipper

    This is totally a money grab. It's the whole modus operandi of the WT Society nowadays. Someone here on the board just posted a letter from the WT Society to all the congregations regarding " donating " for the JW hurricane victims and it implicitly stated in the letters not to donate clothes, food, etc. - but to ONLY mark these donations as going to the " worldwide work " . I mean- how fucking brazen can they get ? Pretty obvious that there is no transparency these days ( really there never has been ) but especially now when the WT Society is looking at their " end " game and consolidating all 8 million JW's finances to bolster up their criminal organization after raking in a billion bucks or so from sales of the Brooklyn properties. Oh, I mean Crooklyn properties. Hey they have to pay off worldwide child abuse lawsuits and unwise investments somehow, right ? Why not make the JW parishioners pay for it ? Bastards. We knew this was coming. WT leaders have no ethics at all. They'll throw anybody under the bus to financially accommodate this organization.Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tech49

    And speaking of KH remodel projects. One of our local KHś is scheduled for a remodel facelift, as it is about 20 years old.

    Recently, there was a letter from the LDC read to the congregation. I will paraphrase here, but In essence, it said that YES, you have been approved for a remodel. HOWEVER, a date has not been yet approved... SOMETIME next year, maybe.

    ALSO, please set up specific box, beginning today, in the donation box to be labeled ¨LOCAL REMODEL¨. Begin donating NOW. Send that money to WT monthly. When we feel that enough funds have been gathered, we will let you know when you can start your remodel.


  • _Morpheus

    @tech- Lol wow! Unreal.

  • ToesUp
    Tech....that is crazy! Watchtower is really at its lowest. They have no shame. These are the stories that confirm that we made the right decision to exit.
  • Crazyguy

    The good news is as the amount congregations get smaller and they downsize the Kingdom Halls by selling off ones that are no longer needed their foot print is less and less, meaning they’ll make less money in the future.

  • 2+2=5

    Well I know this happened locally around my area.

    This large congregation had nearly $1 million in cash, after selling there local KH. They were expecting to build another one, but instead were told they needed to make the extra travel to meet at a different hall where only one congregation attended. Many were and are disgruntled.

    This happened just north of Brisbane in Australia. The often very hard earned donations of the publishers was taken from them, under the guise it’s funding some “world wide work” bullshit. It’s just a fucking world wide fire sale.

    All that money vanished like a fart in the wind.

  • NewYork44M

    The GB should be teaching a finance strategy course. They have combined austerity (reducing expenses) with a revenue-generating strategy (selling excess real estate). This is Win-Win!

    These people are financial geniuses. So, tell me who says the end of the organization is near?

  • kramer

    Why would anyone who attends a meeting and donates think they own anything? People who contribute are just donors and those doing ministry, volunteers, like with other charities. If I donate to and volunteer for my local homeless shelter I have no right to think I own part of the homeless shelter.

    Local congs (at least in the UK) have in their charitable objectives the furtherance of the worldwide work, so its perfectly reasonable for a local branch or a national branch to pass the money up the line if it can be better deployed elsewhere where there is a greater need

    do people who donate to oxfam in Edinburgh think their donations should only be used in Edinburgh?

  • Vidiot
    ToesUp - "These are the stories that confirm that we made the right decision to exit."

    There are stories that don't?

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