An Apex Body to rule the global financial system

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  • Kosonen

    UN and G20 and International financial institutions are working to set up the following: (a quote from the pdf at






    Think about this, a new international authority that will govern everything that has to do with money. This will also include how people use the internet and Digital ID.

    They plan to adopt this in September 2024 at the planed meeting named Summit of the Future as demonstrated on page 23 in the pdf of Our common agenda policy brief 5.

    Could this be the prophecied 7 headed beast of Revelation 13 that will require its mark to be used to buy and sell anything?

  • Teddnzo

    Yes I think that is the case.

    CBDC systems to replace the $€¥£ and all the other systems we currently use. The new systems will be cashless so not possible to make any private anonymous transactions

  • Teddnzo

    Elon musk is working on the Nural link chip to go in your head and there are many projects working on the mark (chip) in your right hand.

    The new digital ID will be a big part of it and you will have a social credit score. If you post any anti vax stuff your score will go down and if it gets too low you won’t be able to wave your hand over the reader to pay for things.

    these units of CBDC will be programmable meaning you will have an allowance of how much meat and things you can buy. Once you have used up your allowance you will only be able to buy fake beyond meat that will grown in a lab.

    what if you still want to buy things anonymously? This is where gold, silver and copper grams come into play but it will be on the black market. It will be made illegal to barter stuff for stuff they want every transaction on the blockchain where they can track and trace you.

    it will be interesting to see where the Borg stand on these things, but going by their stance on the clot shots they will almost certainly tow the line. They will tell everyone to obey the superior authorities and go along with it all.

    I don’t see how they can have a smooth transition from the old system the world is still using now to the new CBDC system without there being chaos?

    I mean the debts are just too big. Will everyone’s debts be moved over to the new system one for one? The debts are just too big. JPMorgam and 50 trillion in toxic derivatives and most other large banks and institutions have similar, these can’t be wiped away. These are everyone’s pensions and investments how can they get rid of these with a big reset without there being anarchy on the streets when everyone realised they lost everything?

  • Kosonen

    Thanks Teddnzo for your comment. ,👏👍

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    it will be interesting to see where the Borg stand on these things, but going by their stance on the clot shots they will almost certainly tow the line. They will tell everyone to obey the superior authorities and go along with it all.

    The Watchtower was an early pioneer in the area of social control.

    Social Credit Scores have been in place for years in China. Humans telling other humans how valuable they are as a human. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

  • Teddnzo

    Many people say they will not accept the CBDC systems and the digital ID, they will refuse the universal basic income. I will not refuse even though I don’t like it.

    I will do everything required to get the 200 units of CBDC into my digital ID wallet every week, except anything that will damage my health.

    If it’s requirement to keep getting MRNA injections to receive the UBI then I will make an appointment for the shot and then just before it goes into my arm offer them an incentive to put in the system that I’ve had it but not actually have these things in my body.

    If they say no then increase the incentive or if still they say no then walk out of there and make another appointment and keep trying. If nobody will take the incentive then I would rather live outside the system than have these substances injected into my body.

    Last few years many people in the UK paid an incentive to not actually have it injected into them but on the system it looked like they did have it.

  • Teddnzo

    We already know where watchtower will stand they will say go and keep getting the shots and accept the mark of the beast because if you don’t then you won’t be able to buy or sell anything and they need you to keep donating all those funds.

    The days text today was again begging to donate funds and god loves a cheerful giver.

    Soon the old monetary systems from 1971 will be replace by another new international monetary system called CBDC. Watchtower will keep quoting pay back Caesar things and all that… putting particular attention on and Gods things to God meaning the governing body in place of God.

    Once the USD collapses and we go over to CBDC they will turn up the begging and everyone set up a regular payment from their UBI wallet to support the worldwide work

  • SydBarrett
  • Teddnzo

    SydBarret one simple question, do you think the current monetary system is sustainable?

    if your answer is no then what do you think will replace it when it can no longer be sustained?

  • hoser

    The current system is sustainable but only with massive income taxes, inflation or high interest rates.

    cbdc will offer the government more control over how you spend your money. That’s what they want. If you aren’t a good little Johnny they can cut you off with the flick of a switch.

    The government can control your movements by only allowing you to buy a limited amount of fuel.

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