No go field service days

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  • Gorbatchov

    My dad learned me many no go days.

    Family Gorby did not go out on special days.


  • carla

    How would a jw react if a Mormon or Evangelical group decided to knock on their door as they were getting ready to go to the memorial or other meeting? or if they were celebrating their non-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal with friends and family? damn hypocrites.

  • freddo

    When I was an elder and group overseer - it was the day of Princess Diana's (Saturday 6th Sept 1997) funeral - and even I could see this wasn't the best idea to go knocking on doors.

    The UK - especially England - had lost its stiff upper lip in a week of blubbing and emotion and I will admit I was effected too by the wall-to-wall images on the TV from the news channels.

    I made the decision that "my" group would not have an arrangement that Saturday morning in view of the public mood, many of whom would be watching the funeral cortege on TV.

    There was another elder in my group and his wife (who I got on very well with) phoned me up to lambast me and tell me how bad she thought it was that there was no group.

    I said "fine - if you or any one else want to go out you can have the map and go - but for me and mine; we're not." She was not a happy bunny.

    Of course some ubers went out, doesn't every hall have some? Less now thankfully.

  • WTWizard

    It is totally stupid to go out when everyone else is celebrating. All that's going to do is make a lousy impression on the group--they are out on December 25, they call themselves xian but will not celebrate Christmas? When I was in, they wanted people to go out on these holidays--they would allow the extra 30 minutes to have the meetings for field circus on holidays.

    It would take just one hounder to change all that. All they need is a rule that, if you are not out in field circus, you are celebrating that holiday--no excuses. And start at 8 AM instead of 9:30. And, if anyone had to turn in before 7:30 PM for any reason aside a regular boasting session, they are deemed celebrating that holiday. And there goes any extra late time for that congregation.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Yes, but if you don't go out on a patriotic day, aren't you, in effect, honoring that day over Jehovah? I mean, what if Armageddon came on that day? He comes in the clouds on Canada's 150th anniversary, and you guys are out getting the breakfast special at Denny's!

    That's okay. Just tell them you celebrated it "invisibly."

  • waton

    halloween, of course we tricked and treated them all the time. : you dont treat us to a magazine placement, you will be tricked at Armageddon. but trading mags for candy? the dentist would not approve, wt did not provide a dental plan then.

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