No go field service days

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  • Steel

    It's Canada day today and not just any Canada day, it's Canada's 150 birthday.

    For some strange reason I was actually able to reason with my wife day and she agreed with me. Field service on a special day wouldn't be appropriate.

    Yet I saw the ubers out in full force this morning.

    Are they really that fucking dumb that they can't figure out why maybe today isn't a good field service day?

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Typically, that wouldn't stop them!

    In all my time with that lot, never was any consideration given to whether or not it was a "good" time or day to attempt to speak to people.

  • steve2

    Thankfully, uber JWs are in shorter supply than usual these days.

  • sparky1

    When I was a child, no holiday was off limits. I remember going out in 'field service' on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day, even if it was snowing! The only holiday that I don't recall going out on was July 4th.

  • stuckinarut2

    As a child, my father would insist we go out on all those "special days" as it was "a good time to find people home"

    Also, I am sure that when people would get annoyed, it would play into the persecution complex that witnesses just LOVE

    He would LOVE recounting the experience of a man who on christmas day got angry with us (me a 10 year old) and snapped at us : "Go away! Imagine coming and talking about the Bible on a day like today!"

    The irony was funny I will admit!

  • waton

    contributions were good though sometime, when we were mistaken by already well oiled householders as carol singers, well wishers.


    Are they really that fucking dumb that they can't figure out why maybe today isn't a good field service day?


    Regardless of the celebration or holiday, JW`s will knock on your door.

    Try knocking on a JW`s door, on Halloween......They Hate It!...


    Image result for Jehovahs witnesses and halloween

  • zeb

    Canada. Your sesquicentenary. congratulations! One of the worlds great countries and societies.

    Happy 150th form this old aussie.

  • NewYork44M

    New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving. No holiday is off limits. In fact, there is generally an organized attempt to get the r&f out knocking on doors. God forbid they would be able to enjoy their day off from work.

  • Darkknight757

    Yea not going out on the holidays in my area was a sure sign of spiritual weakness. So all the brothers especially those who were reaching better be out in failed misery those mornings.

    Worse was New Year's Day. People generally wouldn't wake up till slightly later in the morning and here you have two dummy's knocking on your door selling the Bible. 🙄 Christmas was bad enough having to be fast and all. For those who generally enjoyed talking to people at the doors, it took all the urgency out of the message.

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