Newly wed--todays WT

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  • LongHairGal


    I wasn’t the one who downvoted your comment and I can see the point that in many cases it’s cheaper to buy, if a person can. At this point in my life, though, buying something isn’t for me.

    But, getting to the important point. I would pay NO attention to those who live a cloistered life inside some religion giving their childish opinions on things they know nothing about.. They are totally removed from reality about life, finances or anything.. The only way they will find out these gritty realities is if they are let-go in the next batch of downsizing!

    I’m glad I’m out of the idiot JW religion for many years.. I pray nobody is foolish enough to make life-altering decisions based on what’s printed in those rags! 👎

  • GrreatTeacher

    It doesn't matter who downvoted me and you surely don't need to apologize for a differing opinion!

    However, it is nice when someone actually verbalizes that opinion rather than simply downvote. It increases the quality of interaction.

    You have an excellent point about time of life and the decision to rent vs buy. Retirees may prefer renting for many reasons.

    The article was about newlyweds and that is prime time to get on the property ladder. In fact, many middle class Americans carry the largest part of their wealth in their homes. It's an investment that can be lived in.

    Over time real estate has historically grown in value providing steady returns. One doesn't even need to sell the asset to realize benefits since, once it is paid off, the amount of the monthly mortgage payment is now available for living or any other expenses.

    It's hard to argue against this scenario:

    You buy a house for $225,000 and pay $1300 a month. After 30 years, the house has doubled in value, but your mortgage payment has stayed the same. Suddenly it is paid off and your mortgage is $0 monthly and your house is worth $450,000.

    If you had rented for $1300 a month, your rent will have risen over the years as property values increase. You may now be paying $2400 a month. And you do not have the house as an asset.

    This is how wealth is built over a lifetime and even passed to future generations. If you live your life with a short term perspective, you might not consider the value of doing something NOW that will pay off in 30 years.

  • hoser

    But you might need to work overtime to pay for that house. That is what the governing body doesn’t like. How can you slave for them and make their life easy when you are working to make yours easier.

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