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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Since I am still "in" I "studied". It takes all of 3 minutes to skim the article. Points;

    Rent, dont buy,-- rents here is easily over 2000

    Work part time-- the biggest cause of strife is poverty

    Jehoshaphat-- had money, lackeys, and did not live in moms basement

    Acquila Priscilla -- refugees

  • truth_b_known

    Rent, dont buy,-- rents here is easily over 2000

    Work part time-- the biggest cause of strife is poverty
    More ignorant advice from those who live off the sweat of other's work.

    Rent, don't buy. All you are doing is paying the mortgage of the homeowner.

    Work part time. Less money and no benefits. No health insurance. No retirement.

    I remember very well that the Apostle Paul supported himself through the making and selling of tents. How many tents have the Governing Body made this week to earn their keep in their ivory tower?

  • Bobcat

    Here (offsite) are a couple of other points from this article.

  • Overrated

    That's alot of tents to make for a case of whiskey! For Morris. At least Lett got his clown side business.

  • hoser

    When you sell your house you will be happy. Said by people who may have never owned a house.

    If renting is so great why doesn’t the watchtower corporation lease their office space?

  • GrreatTeacher

    Renting is a particularly bad deal right now.

    Rent a place for $2400 right now while the equivalent mortgage on the same house would be about $1600.

    It doesn't pay to be noncommittal and itinerant in the current real estate market.


    The Watchtower—Study Edition | November 2021


    Newly Married Couples—Build Your Life Around Serving Jehovah

    1. ARE you about to get married, or are you newly married? If so, no doubt you look forward to enjoying life with the person you love so deeply. Of course, marriage has its challenges, and there are important decisions to make. The way you approach those challenges and decisions will affect your happiness as a couple for years to come. If you rely on Jehovah, you will make wise decisions, your marriage will grow stronger, and you will be happier. If you fail to take into account God’s thinking, you will likely encounter problems that will put a strain on your marriage, leading to unhappiness.​—Read Psalm 37:3, 4.

    What this article fails to mention are all the young teens who marry because their pants are on fire, and need to release their hormones. You marry a fellow Jehovah's Witness and supposedly your marriage will grow stronger and happier. Couples will only encounter problems if the they fail to take Jehovah into account.

    After 40 years in the same congregation, I witnessed many divorces ( where one mate cheated on another mate). I witnessed fathers ( who were ministerial servants) fail to provide child support after the couples divorced.

    A few couples divorced and were disfellowshipped due to cheatings on their spouse, only to come back with a new marriage mate years later. I saw more infidelity inside the Kingdom Hall than on the outside!

  • waton

    an outdated article, applicable to times when warm body presence was needed. and marriages of already committed pioneers, or folks with backup of well to do parents.

    In today's labour, real estate market/ inflation, even one good earner can not provide solidly for the family or future, and wt has been proven to be very bad predictor of permanent relief. (ask your district overseers about the overlap)

  • Overrated

    Once again, Watchtower is clueless on matters of real life only to suit them.

  • WTWizard

    If you rely on that beady-eyed monster joke-hova, you will have a life of stagnation. You never get to do anything you really want to--just pious-sneering. You will be broke, sick, and stupid. Stifle your dreams and those of any children you might happen to have. And more problems because they are always pushing you to be more extreme within this abomination of a religion.

    Challenge 1: Joke-hova always interfering with your happiness. That thing wants to put limits on how you go about sex within the marriage. As with everything else. You can't get a decent income--today, we work 80 or 90 hours a week, and cannot even provide the standard of living that one person working 40 hours a week could have in 1967. And all the money you waste--gas for field circus and grand boasting sessions, hotel payments, suit dry cleaning, eating at McDonalds every day, and so on waste a lot of money. Not to mention the donations. Put that abomination in your marriage, you are going to wreck it more assuredly than adultery would have.

    Rent? This means selling that decent house that would have had room for the whole family, renting a tiny studio, and wasting more money on something you don't even own. You will own nothing. You will need to throw away everything that means anything to you, just to fit into that tiny studio. Not to mention, they want you getting your furniture and other things at walmart instead of the many fine sites online that sell top quality at full prices (sort of like Sears did in 1968). Good for walmart (that abomination of a "store"). Not good for you, or the environment (the top quality means fewer pieces in the landfill, less plastic in the ocean, and less time and money wasted in the future replacing things that break.)

    Obviously, they wish to disconnect us from our past. There was more going on in 1967 and 1968 than drugs and riots. This is a period where we were trying to disconnect from that archetype of the perfect slave, and the washtowel doesn't want anyone trying to go back to this time. (It was also a time when people were more care-free.) Instead, it is endless field circus, endless donating money and psychic energy to enslave the whole world into Noahide Law, endless cheap crap that is intended to be thrown in the landfills and oceans after a month or so, and endless drudgery.

    And more of those shots against The Wimpiest Disease on the Planet.

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