“Bablyon the Great has Fallen”

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  • lastmanstanding

    What have you not heard lately?

    .... No discussion on “Babylon’s fall”. And why not?

    By 1919 it was apparent that Jehovah had passed judgment on Christendom​—and indeed on all false religion. Babylon the Great had fallen, condemned to death!
    “11 Babylon the Great has fallen! But she is not yet destroyed. As a world empire of false religion, she will exist a short time longer...”

    We are still tapping our finger on the table for this one.

    “It was apparent...” yes indeed. The world’s religions have only tripled in size and number whilst she’s “fallen”, that is judged by God. Or rather judged by the dead men of Watchtower.
    “Twentieth-century religion is all too ready to curry favor with the world, and that is especially true of Christendom.”

    and.... drum roll, WATCHTOWER... who went to the United Nations to officially curry their favor by writing, and submitting to the UN DPI, AWAKE articles designed the “curry the favor” of the UN.


    Look for mention of “Babylon the Great ”, you won’t find it.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So what's purple and hates jehovah's witnesses?

    Babylon the Grape of course!

    On a more cereal note though, there's a lot of sh*t that the wt doesn't talk about anymore. When's the last time you heard about the "7 times",?

    just saying!

  • lastmanstanding

    The seven genital times. Yes, I remember them.

    But now there’s 8 Guvnin Boobs. Or is that nine...

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    They got around it by saying that "the waters have dried up" for babylon the great.

    Image result for i've fallen and i can't get up meme

  • waton

    When trying to explain the extra ordinary religious motivation in much of today's conflicts, wars. wt writers wrote:

    Babylon had a fall in 1918-19.

    May be they missed a step laughing at wtbts.inc appointment as the F&DS, because of their then brilliant campaign : "The World has ended, Millions now living will never die"

    .May be it was a fall from grace. The churches could not match wt brilliance.

  • truth_b_known

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the WBTS taught that first the governments of the world turn on false religion and THEN they would turn against "Jehovah's people."

    That's quite problematic for the WBTS. They are stoking the flames of fear, as seen in the 2019 Regional Convention video, using the events that have taken place in Russia. This produces a problem. A cart before the horse problem.

    Maybe this is why they have backed off the Babylon the Great has Fallen line.

  • nowwhat?

    She could no longer have influence over gods people. Yet it's the Russian Orthodox church pulling the strings there

  • mikeflood

    Yea, yea....but remember, as it said in Revelation, "kings are gonna cry about Babylon's destruction". That means that even the WT doesn't have the correct interpretation because they say that all the governments are going to destroy religion. However if the Borg are serious about not ' going more than the things that are written ', and about abandoning the types and antitypes, they should leave the Babylon the Great teaching sleep.

  • waton

    spiritually wtbts inc is floundering. what they thought in their myopic sight was the religious power in the 20s has morphed into something totally different today.

  • lastmanstanding

    I like to throw dubs a curve ball with stuff like this. It’s cool to see them lock up.

    I did a little poking this morning, talking about retirement. One eldah said he’s retiring next month and the name of another eldah name came up. This other one is in his 70’s and can never stop.

    And I defended this other eldah with “well, he thought the end was coming in 2000”

    That made this eldah lock up. Hilarious...

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