My wife and I are hooked on European series screening on SBS TV

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  • smiddy

    Whether they be Norwegian ,Danish ,French or whatever , having sub-titles doesnt bother us as their usually is a mix of english dialogue as well.

    Some examples : Tracked ,The Tunnell ,The bridge ,Dicte ,Borgen ,just to name a few.Another one I`m watching now about the Middle East the name just escapes right now .

    Anybody else watching these shows ?

  • Simon

    Yeah, I posted about Äkta Människor (Real Humans) which is way way "grittier" than the English remake (still good and worth watching, just shallower).

    Some people can't get past subtitles but you're really missing out - they make great TV, not focused on just having pretty people on TV (jeez, Qantico?).

    The original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies were much better too. Real suspense and fantastic acting. Again, the English adaptation wasn't terrible, just not the same depth to it.

  • fukitol

    The European stuff has always been much better if you are not bothered by missing half the visual experience because of having to read subtitles. Or you are a lightning fast reader of subtitles.

    Most stuff produced by Hollywood currently is abject, youth obsessed crap.

  • fulano

    We have everything from VARG VEUM. An older serie but very good. Then WALLANDER, the swedish version is very good as well. I Personally think the swedish make the best although VARG VEUM IS Norwegian. Dannish sounds very rough.

  • Diogenesister

    Always loved European films since my teen years. I would love to see the original "Humans". When my son was 9 he and I got hooked on a Norwegian political drama, female lead, but the name escapes me. How can I get this channel as it sounds right up my street, is it a sky thing?

  • konceptual99

    Channel 4 has a load under the Walter Presents banner.

  • scratchme1010

    I'll search for them. I agree that many American shows are crap, but not all. Every now and then there are one or two worth watching (unfortunately, some are the American version of foreign written shows, but not all).

  • Giordano

    NOBEL may be the Middle East one you mentioned Smiddy.

    Simon check out Four Seasons in Havana there's four or five episodes.

  • fulano

    Inspector Morse (oldie)

    Midsomer murders


  • cobweb

    Love all the Killing, bridge, borgan stuff. There was also an icelandic drama called Trapped on bbc4 about 6 months ago, set in a small fishing port. It got cut off by weather and there were murders etc. Very good.

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