JW employing pre-teens to work religious propaganda phonebank

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  • ScenicViewer

    Spoletta: it looks to me as if the kids are just doing a demonstration.

    It looks that way to me too. Maybe something as simple as a demonstration on how to witness to someone who calls you, like a relative - an example of "giving a thorough witness at every opportunity."

    (That is something that, notably, Governing Body members refuse to do, ala Gerritt Losch, who refused to appear in court to testify regarding Watchtower's child protection policies, using the lame excuse that "I don't answer to Watchtower." That would have been a perfect opportunity for the GB to practice what it preaches to JWs, but instead Gerritt Losch passed on the chance to "give a fine witness.")

  • smiddy

    Matt.10:18-20 "you will be hailed before governors and kings for my sake for a witness to them and the nations etc,etc.

    Gerrit Losch obviously has no faith in those scriptures or his ability to give an effective witness.,and he`s a G.B .member

    No Jehovahs Witness is an employee of the WT Society , they are volunteers who are acting on their own accord and not representatives in any official capacity of the WTB&TS.

  • oppostate

    Not sure where this is going with Gerrit Loesch saying he doesn't answer to the WT... But GoBo obfuscations aside, although they plan out meeting parts for phone witnessing, the emphasis on young ones taking part, and actually having "experienced pioneer" instructors take these kids under the wing and make actual cold calls to the public is something I find quite disgraceful.

    When was the last time one of the GoBo's cold called anyone in New York to offer them a Bible Study using JW literature... I think that probably never happened and "will" never happen. GoBos and their gaggle of Bethel higher-ups would never stoop to this level of servitude.

    But using the vulnerable and impressionable young ones to do this risky propaganda dissemination is going too far, exposes them to potential confrontations with unsavory characters and forces them to perform activities that they would never think of doing out of their own volition.

  • Vidiot

    I wouldn't describe what Losch said as "obfuscation".

    "Lie", though?

  • _Morpheus

    Talk about click bait....

    no one in that awful organization is "employed" to do anything.

    they do not have "phone banks" anywhere, even if individual witnesses use their phones to spread their cult

    by using the words "employ" and "work " together you imply a relationship you absolutely know dosent exist in this context.

    You use the term "preteen" along with "work" and "employ" to further the 'click bait' nature of your post by implying underage sweatshop labor, perhaps even trying to draw some vauge reference or connection to abuse by including the religious knowing full well the charged atmosphere that surrounds children and religion.

    As much as i hate the cult sensational and flatly untrue statments, like those made by the tittle of your post, do far more harm than good. There is more than enough to hang the cult on without resorting to untruth.

  • robertciranko

    Magnum wrote that kids "weren't even born in 1994 when the "generation" teaching of the time expired - the one that so many like me bet their lives on, so they know nothing about that. They know nothing of 1975. They don't know who Fred Franz was" - that's the P O I N T !

    People who do not remember anything before 2000 - a dream of the Watchtower. Finally, whether you need to know the embarrassing history of organization to be a good preacher and submit donations? Not anymore. Now you need only say: jw.org.

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