Sarah Huckabee Sanders, new member of the Governing Body

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  • minimus

    Jehhh that was a good one

  • _Morpheus

    Im sorry shirely, i really dont follow, at least not a 100%. You said something about people mindlessly cheering for their leader and instantly obamas inaugurations came to mind as an example. I remember seeing him when he made some grandiose remark about his election being the moment when the rise of the oceans stopped and people lost their minds... all i could do was look around and shake my head at the seals clapping at what they did not know. You and i seemed to be on the same page... maybe i misunderstood.

  • Giordano

    Is it okay to call Obama “The Brown one”? He's been called worse by the mentally defected.

    What....... you need permission? Sure go ahead........ Obama comes by his color as a natural man not in a tanning booth.

    Yes, General Bone Spurs otherwise known as General 5 star
    deferments to get out of the Vietnam war, prefers his hero's not captured by the enemy. Clever fellow this Trump....... let someone else die in his place.

    Along with General Bone Spurs we also have that dark eyed sad looking Colonel Sanders. She can light up a press conference.

    And let's not forget Mike Pence.........Trumps guy that's always in back of Trump, he's got his short knife out ready to fill the role of Et Tu Butus(?).

  • just fine
    just fine

    At least you can voice your disagreement with Sarah or Trump and not be disfellowshipped from society.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Et tu Brute?


    An even better one, Gio.

  • minimus

    Funny thread... popcorn time

  • ShirleyW

    G'morning MIss Tara/Sylvie! Long time no see ! Don't be a stranger too long a time again

    and Gio - thx for answering Jehalapeno's comment, since it appears to him that Drumpf was actually born with orange skin.

  • ttdtt

    ShirleyW - You are RIGHT ON! Sanders is OVER qualified in the area of lying with a straight face.

  • ttdtt

    By the way - calling someone who lives under a Tanning Light or overuses tan-in-a-bottle Orange - IS NOT RACIST.

    Anyone who makes a connection between that and the MILLIONS fo OPENLY Racists comments about our last LIterate President is probably a RACIST at heart.

    Right-wing hypocrisy again.

    YOU GO ShirleyW!!!!

  • minimus

    Racists do not like certain people of color.🦊

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