Can halluciengins reveal what has been hidden from us and bring more answers?

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  • Bad_Wolf

    Halluciengins, and several recent studies pointed out how we us only certain sections of our brain depending what is happening. But some of them, like acid, make your entire brain turn on. Heightened senses. Things move in slow motion. You fell everything and smell everything. Looking into works, shapes, and designs comes to life. Taking something stronger, many have said to experience the entire life cycle from cells to plants to other life.

    Our eyes and senses do show show all the all data. Our brain has a filter to filter out what it deems unimportant.

    Since these operate our brain differently and allow us to see and reason differently, I wonder if not taken merely buy frad parties and druggies, but those looking to expand observation and scientific application to taking our minds beyond their normal means what can be accomplish.

  • Chook

    Silicon Valley have been micro dosing with lsd for the young think tanks so as to open new inventions. British studies have confirmed the main ingredient in magic mushooms help long term depression.

  • Khaleesi

    I have been tempted to try ahyuasca to expand my mind & open it to all clarity. I would love to see unreveal secrets in my mind & subconscious. Found a place here locally in southern California but it was 10k for a 10 day retreat, not sure if it would be less expensive then traveling to Peru!

    But yes I would definitely be open to it, to unlock my mind!😊

  • smiddy


    I have a suggestion for you to expand and unleash your mind and also save you 10K .for a 10 day retreat

    Are you ready for it ? And you wouldnt have the expense of travelling far either.

    Spend the next ten days in your local library from opening to closing times .

    And if that doesnt unlock your mind then .................?

  • smiddy

    Bad _wolf

    Give me an example of anybody under halluciengenic drugs that have benefited mankind in any of the fields of science medicine ,humanities etc,etc.

    And dont fall back on art LOL

  • little_Socrates
  • smiddy

    little_SocratesI do find that interesting ,thanks for posting.

  • zeb

    The utterances coming from the gb/wt have convinced me that some one has been lacing the water there for years.

  • stillin

    Timothy Leary's dead. But he made a strong case on behalf of hallucinogens opening up new perceptions.

  • vivalavida

    Interesting stuff!

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