Tutorial for Making Donations Electronically

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  • jwleaks
    Awake 9/8/1975 page 26unscriptural money-raising schemes

    Glad that point was cleared up. Wouldn't want to confuse the unscriptural money-raising schemes of false religions with the scriptural money-raising schemes of the Watchtower.

  • nowwhat?

    Unscriptural money making schemes !? You mean like the fund to build new kingdom halls?!

  • Akid48

    why just why

  • Done


    How many people need to know how to use a website!

  • Listener

    They equate the giving of money to the Watchtower as giving it to Jehovah or even back to Jehovah. It is so slanderous. God doesn't need money.

    Since some of this his money is being used to compensate abuse victims then the are as good as saying that Jehovah is making this payment to them. Why would he do that when he had nothing to do with their wrongdoings.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They've always been quite efficient when it comes to collecting money but what is the deal with JW's and their insistence upon forming "human chains" and passing supplies to each other one by one instead of bring them directly to where they need to be?

    I was on a quick build once and someone parked a truck full of seats out in the parking lot and they handed them one by one down a human chain of about 20 people instead of backing the truck up to the front door of the Kingdom Hall.

    Seconds later a well meaning Ministerial Servant reminded this sister not to be checking her facebook page in the Kingdom Hall as it sets a bad example to the young ones.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    How many people need to know how to use a website!

    Older ones with funds to spare. Also, it's a 'reminder' to everyone that the online feature exists, techies included, under the guise of a how-to video.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Replace every mention of Jehovah with "tight pants tony" or "the GB" in the video.

    For example, "Jehovah the governing body loves a cheerful giver", "Helping Jehovah tight pants tony with my donation",

  • pixel

    Money! baby! Money! $$$

  • dubstepped

    God doesn't want you to give out of compulsion, so here sign up for these automatic recurring payments.

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