JUNE 2019 Watchtower: Higher Education - HQ & Bethels are populated with evil, educated folks!

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  • LongHairGal


    Welcome to the forum. Your English is fine.

    It is nice to know that Witnesses elsewhere in the world have a healthier attitude towards higher education than here in the US. The reasons for this bad attitude in the US, in my opinion, are cultural and ego driven. I’m referring to attitudes towards women and other things. Lots of different people have issues about lots of things and competition and so on.

    My guess is that because we are closer geographically to the governing body and there have been issues with educated Witnesses who supposedly are not “humble enough” when being counseled. Their college education is seen to be the culprit, sadly...And college is knocked as something bad. It’s absurd really.

    Another thing: there is jealousy in congregations over people who are more accomplished and have a better job and more money, etc. It’s complicated, sorry to say.

  • Nordic_JW

    Hi LongHairGal,

    interesting viewpoint. Ok, I also have faced some interesting opinions from some individuals towards higher education, but generally I would say it's not a something that would mark you to be worse than others. I know so many brothers who got higher education here and are in respective positions in congregations for example as elders.

    Anyhow school systems vary a lot even inside the Europe between different countries, but in all countries here brothers get at least high school education and then colleague. There is no way to get a job without at least college degree.

    Still - I don't understand the negative attitude towards education. Higher education provides more secure incomes with less working hours. Academic freedom, you know ;)

  • SeQldAu
    • Hello Nordic, up until around 12 mths ago I remember it was always instilled in the servant body during the CO visit that a MS or Elder was very much frowned upon if his teen children even looked like they might be looking in the direction of going to Uni. If he had a son or daughter living at home he was “encouraged” to step down from his various roles as his views were to be going against the GB. Simply sad, wrong and damaging to many that I know who took that unwise advice and are really struggling now..
  • Iamallcool


  • Finkelstein

    Yes higher education is an abomination and curse for all mankind, it has never improved humanity's living experience, a total waste of time and effort.

    All Universities and Colleges should be torn down and Kingdom Halls built in their place.

  • LongHairGal

    SE QLD AU:

    Your post highlights that at least up until recently the JW religion is STILL systematically discouraging college education. They do this by withholding “privileges” 🙄. Any father who falls for this is sad indeed. The Witness religion is famous for withholding privileges or association in cases like this or even to other people in the hall who have a career or a decent job like I did. You don’t even have to be guilty of real wrongdoing to be viewed negatively.

    Any man should step down gladly before harming his family. His children will thank him years later - instead of cursing him because they will be struggling.

    I’m just glad I’m not anywhere near struggling JWs in congregations..I don’t need anybody coming up to me with an envelope to give money to these people! ..I’d never tolerate this after how I was viewed because of my full time job I wisely kept until I retired.

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  • menrov

    The point is not that higher (what is higher??) or academic studies are good or not, the point is it is not up to the WT to generate fear. It is a personal decision. And if the WT would step in when a member has no job nor income because he lacks a study, then I would find it acceptable. But the happy few at the top benefit of all the millions donated by people who have good income. Hypocrites.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome SeQldAu look forward to more of your input and experiences from a former SeQld`er

  • matt2414

    What about Witnesses who don't pursue higher education and have to work two jobs and long hours to support their families because they never learned any marketable skills and are now too busy to linger in prayer to Jehovah, too exhausted to enjoy bible discussions with others, and too tired to prepare well for the meetings? There also those who never went to college who are too busy looking for work, too exhausted from getting turned down at job interviews, and too mentally frustrated and disenchanted to bother with the meetings. There are also the millions of baptized Witnesses who never went to college who don't find time to pray, don't go to meetings, yet show up once a year for the Memorial. Targeting higher education is an apostate teaching. The bible directly and indirectly encourages people to learn about science, numbers, deep thinking, nature and humanity -- all things taught in college. The bible condemns ignorance.

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