JUNE 2019 Watchtower: Higher Education - HQ & Bethels are populated with evil, educated folks!

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    How alienated from Jehovah and un-Christian so many Bethelites must be, who finished their higher education and gained their degrees! I don't know how they can live with their consciences!

    Pages 6 & 7, pars. 15 & 16:

    15 A sister who has been in full-time service for over 15 years says: “As a baptized Witness, I had read and heard about the dangers of pursuing university education, but I dismissed such warnings. I thought that the counsel did not apply to me.” What challenges did she face? She admits: “Studying for my courses took so much time and effort that I was too busy to linger in prayer to Jehovah the way I used to, too exhausted to enjoy Bible discussions with others, and too tired to prepare well for the meetings. Thankfully, once I realized that being immersed in higher education was damaging my relationship with Jehovah, I knew I had to stop. And I did.”

    16 What effect did higher education have on this sister’s thinking? She answers: “I am ashamed to admit that the education I pursued taught me to be critical of others, especially my brothers and sisters, to expect too much of them, and to isolate myself from them. It took me a long time to unlearn these lessons. That time in my life showed me just how dangerous it is to ignore the warnings given by our heavenly Father through his organization. Jehovah knew me better than I knew myself. If only I had listened!”

    But all of you higher educated Bethelites didn't listen, did you? Shame on you!!

  • vienne

    Higher education can lead you into nonsense. It often does. BUT it also teaches you how to reason, refute, defend.

  • sir82

    All Bethel lawyers should immediately resign in shame & disgrace, and volunteer to be special pioneers in Outer Fumbuck North Dakota.

  • sir82

    Thankfully, once I realized that being immersed in higher education was damaging my relationship with

    Jehovah, I knew I had to stop. And I did.”

    Or....in [what really happened] English...

    "Once I realized that 'studying for meetings' was not 'study' at all, and that studying in a university actually required, you know, thought, effort, and a functioning cerebellum, I quit before I flunked out."

  • john.prestor

    I always take my career advice from anonymous people who sound like parrots squawking out the company line. That's a sure sign of reliability right there: nameless, ageless, location unknown. Might as well call her Andrea.

  • Moster

    The Awakening - Understanding higher education cost:

    “Studying for all the meetings took so much time and effort that I was too busy to study for my courses the way I needed to, too exhausted to understand what I was trying to learn, and too tired to prepare well for the classroom. Thankfully, once I realized that being immersed in Watchtower dogma was damaging my relationship with my family, I knew I had to stop. And I did.”

  • tiki

    And people actually believe these are real life testimonies??? Seriously!?!

  • Gorbatchov

    So sad.


  • LongHairGal


    As far as articles that say things like what you posted:..(some ‘sister’ who supposedly dropped out of college because it took them away from studying the religion’s publications? 😂).. This ‘sister’ supposedly had to unlearn certain things. Well, I guess she didn’t need the degree or the well paying career either. Maybe she’s expecting a large inheritance.

    However, people who are in REALITY know they will need to make a living. This requires education in order to acquire skills or a degree for a career..Yes, it will mean they need to read serious textbooks instead of fluff. What a sacrifice 🙄.

    I cannot believe Witnesses in any hall with an ounce of intelligence can believe anecdotal stories like this. Hopefully, any Lurkers here will be smart enough to know better. If they have any doubts, they better look at older Witnesses in their congregations who did NOT get decent jobs or careers and see how they are struggling and take note.

  • john.prestor

    Just imagine them printing anything other than unending praises to Jehovah, i.e., the Governing Body :

    A sister who has been in full time service for over 15 years says: 'Although men who live comfortably in a lakeside resort warned me against pursuing higher education, when I went to college I found their warnings failed to come true, just like their predictions of Armageddon's imminence. My professors encouraged critical thinking , and I developed as a person as I encountered new ways of being and living. My classmates showed me respect and kindness, and invited me to eat with them at the dining halls; we even partied from time to time, and I enjoyed letting loose. I experimented sexually with men, and found sex very pleasurable. I also joined various clubs and tried my hand at different sports. Although I found classwork stressful, when I graduated I found better employment than I could without a college degree.'

    They would never print that. Their testimonials might as well be sock puppets or recordings of them disguising their voices.

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