RUSSIA: (7 April 2017) Day 3 - Jehovah's Witnesses hearing under way

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  • Drearyweather


    Novakov draws attention to the fact that the term structural subdivision is defined in the title of the relevant chapter of the law. The concept of "structural unit" is relevant only to political parties.


    Court announces a break until 12 April 2017 10:00.

  • Drearyweather

    So the Russian JW's can have the memorial on 11th April before the court resumes on 12th

  • TheWonderofYou

    I also hope very much that an amicable solution will be found. There are good example in other countries how religious law was established succesfully without any bans or false accusations. But everyside has to play with open cards and not hide behind legal structures. Confrontation is not the solution. Errors have to be admitted, problematic procedures in the JW internal law have to mentioned and discussed. Errors of the Ministry of Justice are obviously. The Russian ministry of Justice should engage more with the Jehovahs witness faith. Its obvious that the they are not good prepared.

    This world needs more love and not unneccesary confronfations.

    Perhaps an amicable solution in this case with Jehovahs witnesses will encourage Russian authorities and publicity to think unbiased and to begin a process of consolidation of civil rights in this and in other areas, what Russia really needs. Even Turkey has found a way to live with the witnesses why should not Russia find a way too.

  • jwleaks

    Day 4. 12 April 2017.

    This will be interesting. New laws come into force in Russia tomorrow, 8 April, that require Supreme Court hearings to be recorded and broadcasted. This is to show transparency in the judicial system and to prevent claims of corruption.

  • OrphanCrow
    Dreary: But on the first day, they reported all their denials that they got from the judge. Almost nothing was in their favor.

    Yeah...they were staging a persecution drama. Oh woe is us...the judge is mean.

    I'm getting confused. Yesterday, while arguing about medical treatment, why didn't the justice ministry present all the cases of deaths caused due to blood transfusion refusals? or is it that they don't have such data?

    You are confused. You are in a Russian courtroom, not an American one.

    It could simply be that the Russian court doesn't fall for the WT legal maneuvers designed to obfuscate the issue. The blood transfusion issue has already been addressed in Russian courts. That is already a matter of public record.

    It could also be that the court proceedings are just starting and that will be addressed later in the proceedings.

    Laws in Russia were only introduced in 2016 that make it a criminal offence to encourage others to not undertake lawful medical treatment. There have been no cases since the law was introduced which is why the JWs focused on 'no cases'.

    Jwleaks, you may be right that there hasn't been cases since 2016, but there certainly were before that date.

    If so, then why did the Ministry bring this point up?

    Because it was already something that was an issue in the courts. People already died from blood refusal, regardless if Russia's response didn't become Russian law until 2106. And, regardless if any cases made it into public record, we all know that the blood refusal doctrine hasn't changed.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Will the Russian bear (the beast) fall in love with the beauty (Jehovahs witnesses)

    Russian bears with girls

    Source: Photographer - Natalia Tarakanova and others from Pinterest, (search for terms "russian+bear+girl"

    Ariane Grande

  • Listener
    The absurdity of the position of the Russian Ministry of Justice, demanding that all 396 religious organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia be ruled to be "extremist," and to ban their activity and confiscate their property, and also the mass of contradictions appearing in the course of judicial proceedings forced the Supreme Court of the RF on 7 April to again postpone consideration of the case, this time until 12 April, a Portal-Credo.Ru correspondent reports.

    If this report is accurate, it looks like the Ministry has a lot of work to do between now and then.

  • cobweb

    wasn't this supposed to be starting back up again today?

  • darkspilver
  • cobweb

    Thank you.

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