Challenge to Creationists

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  • cofty
    If evidence emerged to support creation would you change your mind? - SBF

    My answer is a qualified yes.

    I believe in reason and rationality. Follow the evidence wherever it leads.

    Having said that it's impossible to imagine what sort of evidence could overturn the enormous body of proof for evolution.

    Say for example that geneticists discovered a message encoded in the genome of every living thing. "In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth". Let's say it was totally unambiguous. We might conclude that the creator did a perfect job of planting evidence to make it look as if life evolved. Then we would have to accept the evidence.

    There is as much chance of NASA announcing that the moon is made of cheddar.

  • cofty

    Saved_JW please don't lower the conversation. Presuppositionalism is the last retreat of christian apologist who has run out of evidence-based arguments.

    There is no information in DNA in the sense that creationists use the word. Information is nothing more a metaphor. It is just chemical bases doing their thing. Most of it is copying errors, parasitic code and gibberish.

  • cofty
    how can we have a fair challenge if we can't go back through time? - Quarterback

    I don't understand your point.

    Evolution is based on examination of the evidence just as a detective studies the evidence to prove who committed a crime.

  • slimboyfat

    So there we have it.

  • oldskool
  • cofty

    SBF If you were aiming for profundity you failed.

  • cofty
    The fact that some animals have pointed teeth and others don't indicates creation. - Ratty

    Why do you think that differentiation of teeth is too big a challenge for natural selection?

    What efforts have you made to discover what we know about the evolution of teeth? Am I right in assuming no effort at all?

    The need to eat meat does not evolve flat teeth to pointed.

    Our earliest ancestors were fish. Try putting your hand in a tank of piranhas and tell me if their teeth feel flat?

    Needs and desired can't change DNA ... Changes can only come from mutations.

    You are actually getting close to some real science with that statement. Mutations happen - natural selection does the rest. Well done.

    Maybe I will do a thread on teeth in the Evolution is a Fact series.

    If you actually want an answer to your question (I know you don't but let's pretend) here is an article called "Evolution of development in mammalian teeth"..

  • slimboyfat

    Is that a fact or your opinion?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Maybe I will do a thread on teeth in the Evolution is a Fact series - please do.

    Incisors, canines, premolars and molars are consistently observed across a wide range of mammalian taxa.

    This suggests common ancestry.

    Is that a fact or your opinion? - it's not Cofty's opinion. He's linking to a PNAS article.

    Did you read that article? What did you think?

  • DJS

    @SlimBoyFat, "If evidence emerged to support creation would you change your mind?"

    I'm continually amused and perplexed why theists so often ask this question. Atheists have typically gotten to be atheists because of their rational, analytical analysis of theism. Becoming an atheist to most of us has nothing to do with beliefs, feelings or emotions. It was a decades long journey of a methodical evaluation and analysis of the data. No emotions were involved.

    We haven't stopped believing in god because she hurt our feelings.

    It is about the evidence, or lack of such for a god or gods.

    Of course I would believe if the evidence was clear. If god showed up in Times Square in her leotard and cape with all of the other super heroes and did something cool, let's say get rid of the nukes and stop wars, oppression and injustice of all kinds, I would be the biggest theist around.

    All atheists would also believe. Well, they better. Otherwise they would be theists hiding behind an atheist facade. And us atheists know how to deal with them. We shun them and kick them out of our exclusive atheist club.

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