Where now for the UK Society Big Wigs?

by dozy 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Val2020

    Yes MTS,

    Richard Cook fell out with somebody on the same MTS.

    They had a big swap around in accomadation because of the problems.

    This was decades ago, now Richard Cook is branch comitee

  • Val2020

    Richard Cook will live like a king in the new Branch, and they have a secret emergency survival bunker with all mod cons, loads of food and survival provisions

  • Vidiot
    Val2020 - "The new branch is overly luxurious..."

    Maybe the Org finally figured out that they actually have to provide incentives to get people to come work there. :smirk:

  • Val2020

    I have worked at Chelmsford.

    its overly luxurious and spared no expenses

    the big big studio is called the multipurpose room. Going to be lots of movies made there.

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