Did You Experience People Always Seeming To Get Offended?

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  • minimus

    There always seems to be someone offended by something. In today’s world if you don’t see eye to eye with someone they claim to be offended. If you don’t support a cause that someone deems important, they get offended. Snowflakes abound! Even in the congregation certain people always seemed to get offended by someone or something. They were often filled with righteous indignation or their consciences were bothered because we said or did something that triggered them.

    Were you ever accused of offending someone??

  • mickbobcat

    Hell yes. From telling me as a kid that I should not watch Patric Duffy in the man from Atlantis because it was supernatural to I should not ride Motorcycle because it can stumble new ones and I should look for a four door car for service. One elder told me I could not collect guns, it was forbidden, the same elder got really ticked off when I shot another witnesses dog with a bb gun because it came in my home when the door was open "I was bringing in groceries and left the door part open" and it bit me. He was so ticked off, I looked at him and said she "the dogs owner" should be glad I did not use my Colt 45. The idiots head turned red I thought it was going to explode.

    This goes to the idiots in the cult loving to control other people. My wife before I met her, got in trouble because her and her girlfriend about 17 at the time, took a bra from a garage sale they were minding, and took pictures of each other with it over their tee shirts. The bra belonged to these to fat ass Witness women twin sisters who weighed literally 400 pound each. Their bras were humungus. They had the pictures made into tee shirts and the sisters who were just angry old assholes because they were so fat they had no life went whining to the elders and they came round and demanded the tee shirts. They gave them up but it was BS, the whale sisters were always angry and trying to tell others what to do and not to do.

  • truth_b_known

    When I was rather young I remember the first Muppets movie came out. My mother took my siblings and I to see it with some other sisters and their young children. One sister took offense to a scene in which Ms. Piggy falls on top of Kermit the Frog and the two lock eyes. That is the scene. Rated "G" for "General Audience".

    What I found was that it seemed like a game for Witnesses to find fault with whatever they could. It was a Righteous Over Much (ROM is what we called them. No offense to the Space Knight) exercise. Just pick any object or activity and someone would find something wrong with it based on "Bible principles".

    I remember when I was in the second grade. The school year was about to end for summer break and Star Wars: The Return of Jedi was about to come out. Everyone was excited and making plans to see it. The day before it came out we had our School and Service Meeting. The brother giving the number 2 talk used it to cast a self-righteous shadow on Return of the Jedi as it was "violent". Less violent than the Bible reading of the Israelites slaying Canaanites, but violent none the less. After the meeting everyone was changing their minds about seeing the movie. Brother Wet Blanket, thank you for covering that Bible reading so well.

  • punkofnice
    Minny -
    Did You Experience People Always Seeming To Get Offended?

    I have noticed a self righteous sensitivity with some people. I don't have much to do with these sanctimonious pillocks because if I did I'd REALLY offend them.

    Isn't it funny how the useless UK Police can find time to chase people that have offended some snowflake's feelings on social media but not want to tackle real crime. The UK Police seem to be more corrupt every day with officers being convicted of disgusting crimes all over the country. I have NO TRUST in them. I loathe the very uniform these filthy, disgusting, low life, pigs hang behind. They don't have a clue about the law, they just arrest and assault in their 2 tier policing.They take the knee to BLM. They have lost the plot. Sack Cressida Dick immediately. They look like they've stopped being public servants and become the violent arm of the political powers.

    Anyway, rant over. Think what you want about what I've put, I have an opinion and won't be swayed by the Guardian reading, champagne socialist, perpetually offended boo hoo brigade.

    Yes, there are pious attention seekers everywhere and they crave to be offended. Offense is turning into an industry almost.

    They can try to 'cancel' me, but they have nothing to cancel me from.

  • Overrated

    Many of the brothers would wear dress cowboy boots to the meetings. It all was in good taste. Someone didn't like it and cried to some higher up in the Org. A OC had a talk about dress and grooming on the subject. We still wore our boots didn't care who got offended.

  • Me.Wonderful

    I am getting more of a laugh out of the perpetually offended that you are offended crowd. Honestly if it wasn’t for the right wing media I wouldn’t even know about half of these issues.

    If an ethic group doesn’t want their name used as the team name, I don’t blame them. The Asian illustrations in Dr. Seus books are offensive ( I taught my kids to read with those books). If a black man wants to take a knee during the national anthem I am OK with it. Learn some US history. Even Guns and Roses re-issued the album lies without the song “One in a million “ without anyone even asking them to do it. It was just rude.

    The gender stuff and kids and the APHABET club going after kids pisses me off though. I am still pretty traditional with that kind of stuff.

  • pistolpete

    Getting offended CAN GET YOU KILLED-------Warning violent video


  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Yes, all the time and I still manage too! Try to keep to myself and avoid that but just not always possible. Thorns in the sides of the Elders for years, I guess we were "not of their sort" as Paul said 😉

  • mickbobcat

    Holy crap nuts that video is crazy.

  • mickbobcat

    Fuck Jesus give me an AR over Jesus any day.

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