An innocent father's story of his fight to win his daughter against malicious liars!

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  • gavindlt

    I am not a defender of Lloyd Evan’s but for all of you who cheaply and salaciously attack him, I can understand why. You have lost your faith in God and you show your true colours by unashamedly attacking another human being. You set yourselves up as judges and by the same way you attack others, you yourself will be judged. It’s a disgrace and nothing to be proud of!

  • gavindlt

    It’s so easy to kick someone when they are down. It’s a cowardly act!

  • vienne

    you are still a troll.

  • slimboyfat
    He has highlighted a number of truths and has more integrity than the Governing Body, regardless.

    Hypocrisy, bullying, abuse, greed, disregard for others, all on frequent display. But “integrity”? What do you have in mind as instances of “integrity” from LE? I’m curious!

  • vienne

    In a previous post on this same topic, you wrote:

    What ensued was the biggest case in the West midlands that included the CID, Interpol and 15 organizations with 50 nominated professionals. I was arrested twice, put in jail and interrogated. I was denied seeing my baby girl from birth for 666 days.
    I fought for 3 years and eventually in the highest Children's court in the land as a self-litigant I won!
    This after all my digital equipment with millions of records were sent to Brussels for forensic investigation as well as eventually all charges dropped by the CID due to CPS recommendations that absolutely no evidence could be corroborated from all parties who the CID and every respective authority established lied! No party could be pursued for perjury or subverting the course of justice unless both cases progressed to criminal court.

    Court cases generate records, many records. Either you can point us to them, or you're a "bloody liar."

    Thus far your response has been, "Oh pity me! You're abusing me!" But you provide no support for your claims. This is a "put up or shut up" moment. Also, I note from the previous post that a large number of others saw you as a troll. You'll get no sympathy by trolling. There are so many indicators that your posts are all or largely fabrications that you are impossible to believe. And No, I will not list them. I'm not here to educate a troll.

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