Shunning: is it still practiced?

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  • flipper

    Flipper's daughters have shunned him for years - his oldest daughter will not let him meet his first grandchild, 5 months old, unless he goes back to meetings.

    Hypocrites - more mean and judgmental than anyone I know, but actually think they are more spiritual and moral. Not.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • flipper
    Mrmagic, sorry I hit the dislike button by mistake, meant to hit like.
  • talesin

    Mrs. Flipper

    Rabbit's daughters have been shunning him for at least 10-15 years; they are not even JWS! Even when his wife died, it sickens me.

    I just ... don't ... get it. "Lack of natural affection" ... indeed.

  • Daniel1555


    It is official policy to shun df/da family members.

    The flock book just states that family members will not be disfellowshipped if they don't shun. They will however be counselled and might get some restrictions.

    I could point you to several WT articles where they wrote, that df/da family members MUST be shunned, not having even the slightest bit of communication, not even by email says one article. They just allow communication for very important and necessary family matters or if the dfd teenager still lives at home.

    Here is a thread of the latest example, which will be studied in the WT during end of April (Feb 16 WT). It is a shocking and cruel example, as they write that a daughter should shun her dfd mother who is feeling lonely.

  • mrquik
    I make no secret of being a staunch opposer to the cult. Still, I have encountered the entire gamut of reactions from Witnesses. My mother never shunned me or any of her children who were DF'd. I still have a number of friends that I see in public that greet me with a smile & handshake. I have others that will go out of their way to avoid me. When I was in, I never refused to talk to anyone, even as an elder.

    I know about the articles. My point is that the WTBTS attempts to play both sides. They don't want to be perceived as a cult that resorts to extreme shunning, yet they use shunning as a weapon.

    Their FAQ section was altered recently in regards to shunning. ( We have a thread about it somewhere..) They are now being more honest in their FAQ section, yet will lie in a court of law to appear more like a mainstream sect of Xianity.

    The ORG has a special section on Judicial committees in the Flock book. They are very specific about association with non-family members. Why not just say, "association with any disfellowshipped person.." Simply put, they need the loophole for PR. They can point to the Flock book to prove that they do not break up families.

    Then we have the articles you mentioned. The articles for the Dubs, not the public in general. They show the hardline stance that WTBTS Lawyers skirt around in Court. As you also mentioned, the Flock book speaks of "necessary dealings" with family, a nebulous term.

    We can actually use the Flock book to our advantage by pointing out:

    1) Association with DF'd family is not grounds for judicial action.

    2) Jeehoober allows necessary interaction with DF'd family.

    When you tell Elders that the CO is contradicting the Flock book, and then quote the proof, their brains freeze for a moment and they get a very puzzled look. That's when you remind them that they are in no position to tell you what association is necessary or not.


  • sparrowdown

    Pre-emptive shunning.

    Casual shunning.

    Partial shunning.

    Full shunning.

    Yes, all of the above is still going on "with bells on." You don't even have to be DF or inactive just "possible bad association."

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My family are certified top rated shunners,they would shun J.C. if he appeared.

    I bet you they practice on the most effective way to shun you, they are good.

    They have polished their skills to near perfection.

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