Shunning: is it still practiced?

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  • Finkelstein

    Are DF, DA and apostates still shunned?

    Actually this shunning policy has been cranked up even more so , certainly in comparison to lets say the 1960's and 70's.

    After it was realized by many JWS that the WTS was lying about 1975, dissension was brewing within congregations, so in the early 1980's shunning of opposers or apostates took even more precedence by the WTS leaders.

    Now with much of the corruption and lies purported by this religion openly available to the public on the inter-net, the WTS leaders are even more pressed to build a wall around its followers and to watch them closely with a magnifying glass.

    The WTS has to have DFing structured within itself, all dubiously corrupt high controlling cults do and when its realized this organization was founded upon maliciously corrupt doctrines (1914), DFing will have stay in place, until it relinquishes those core doctrines and becomes more typical main stream Christian domination.

  • pixel
    Oh yes, like it is 1999...
  • just fine
    just fine
    I am not DA or DF and my siblings haven't spoken to me in years. It's alive and well.
  • mrmagic
    I know for a fact that someone that used to go to kingdumb hell with me, who was df'd for years is now not being shunned. Granted she has chrone's disease and seems to have gone back to the meetings, but I suspect if it wasn't for her illness, she would not have gone back. I think she is desperate for support (single mom and recently diagnosed with cancer). It's sad to see that her family only helps her because she started going back to KH. Now all the people who were her child hood friends and who shunned her for all these they are all back on her facebook page. Oddly enough, she hasn't deleted me yet and I'm quite open about my disgust with the org and exposing them about the child abuse. I know her friends and the congregation members I knew see me and what I post. I've messaged them, but none of them respond back. Cowards.

    The official FAQ section of the BORG says that they do shun DF'd members. They officially do not shun non-DF'd members, but we all know that they have no problem with a "code red."

    Also, there is the matter of DF'ing offenses. The "Flock" book makes it clear that anyone can be DF'd for not believing whatever the GB say. Then we have the ever present quasi-shunning or "pre-shunning", a favorite tactic of cults. Either way, the abusive behavior is the same.


  • Daniel1555

    It certainly didn't ease.

    On the contrary it has become more strict.

    They emphasize shunning in every once a while in the WT and conventions (see Feb 16 WT and Summer 16 conventions).

    They blatantly say that daughters need to completely shun df parents and vice versa.

  • Emma
    It can depend on the congregation. I have a friend whose family is in Florida. She said their belief is that the borg has loosened the teaching based on love. I told her that is not the way it is in most places. That congo is also full of EMTs and, I think, some police officers. I don't know how they get away with doing their own thing.

    The official stance of the WTBTS on shunning Df'd relatives is that shunning does not apply to family members. The "Flock" book specifically mentions continued association with DF'd NON-FAMILY members as a cause for judicial meetings.

    Yet, COs and local Elders continue to preach that association with DF'd family members will result in disciplinary action. As the CO in my area said, ( condescending, judgmental tone...BEGIN!! ) " If YOU are associating with disfellowshipped family....guess what..YOU will be disfellowshipped too!!" This attitude contradicts the "official" view of the WTBTS, yet most Dubs believe that they must shun their family.

    Do self-righteous Dubs think that they are pleasing God and being "spiritual" by shunning thier family? It's just sad. The GB allow these contradictory views to continue, despite being the "Channel of Truth."

    Shunning is a great psychological weapon to use against cult members, and having the "Flock" book say that Dubs don't have to shun family is great material for the WTBTS Lawyers to use! It's a win/win for the cult!


  • smiddy

    Didn`t the J.W .lawyer , Vin Toole , when asked about shunning state words to the effect "i`ve heard of the word but I`m not sure what it means " at the ARC and he was under oath when he said that.

    Vin Toole has been a J.W.for many ,many years here in Australia.,and he doesn`t know about the practice of shunning ? What a liar.

    And this years District Convention has a specific part on Shunning Unrepentant Wrongdoers , in other words Jehovah`s Witnesses who don`t agree with the Governing Body


  • talesin

    Let's not forget, they are the losers in this game of life - not to be mean. But I refuse to assume the victim / martyr stance.

    I am in touch with a family member, secretly. The risk is DF. My parents also are receiving pressure to stay away. Shunning is alive and well in Canada - my immediate family is spread from coast-to-coast, and they all shun.

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