I Think Their Is A Move Coming From Higher Ups To Get These Insane Idiot Out Of The Drivers Seat Of Jehovah's Chariot

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • Vanderhoven7

    Thanks for sharing these revealing videos BW!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Is a hostile take over possible? I do think that all these lawsuits due to policies of the GB the organization is ripe for a take over hostile to the currant GB arrangement, because these guys are dumb as rocks and lets not forget about delusional in their Faithful & Discreet Slave fantasy. How much longer are corporation members going to let these drunk with power, delusional fanatics gonna be in charge?


    Nonprofit takeovers can occur anytime factions develop within a nonprofit. Sometimes incumbent board members are removed in favor of new board members with a different policy agenda. In other cases, a donor or charismatic leader convinces a majority of the board to take the organization in a drastic new direction.
    Struggles for control of nonprofits are common and are reported in the media from time to time. One such case includes the well publicized struggles at the Sierra Club. In the Sierra Club dispute, a faction developed that supported an anti-immigration agenda offensive to many of the Sierra Club’s longtime supporters and allies. The anti-immigrant faction encouraged its supporters to send in their $25 dues payment so that they could gain the right to vote at the annual meeting. In the end, the incumbents were successful in fending off the takeover attack. The Sierra Club case was unusually high profile; however, similar scenarios regularly play out in nonprofit boardrooms across the country.
  • Vidiot
    hybridous - "...If they hold fast to the damaging teaching and policies, I think it suggests they they are victims of their own delusions that they peddle to others. I think it means that they really believe they are correct in these matters and must not waver because YHVH is going to bail them out in return for their loyalty..."

    Which will screw them, because they do, but they aren't, and He won't, and - therefore - they'd have to live with the consequences.

    hybridous - "...If they do blink and change course, it's a tacit admission that YHVH may not, in fact, come to their rescue..."

    Which will bugger them, because to do so would undermine their claims of exclusivity, and - therefore - the whole reason for the rank-and-file's affiliation with the Org in the first place.


    So, screwed if they don't, and buggered if they do.

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