Watchtowers policy of shunning our own close relatives

by Truthexplorer 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    It is indeed a sinister, evil, blackmailing sword the GB weild!

    "Do onto others, as you would have them do to you?"


    There are pedophiles, liars, drunkards and thieves inside the organization that get treated with welcoming hugs whilst "horrible people who do not attend 5 meetings a week, or go in service" get treated as dead.

    It is shameful, so shameful.

  • LongHairGal


    This is the reason I am so grateful that I have no family in this hateful religion.

    I know of an individual who is fearful of being shunned by die-hard relatives in the religion and I suspect they do not want their inactive-for-40+ years parent talking to me.

    I am a long-time "fader" and (was) an acquaintance...I suppose they are afraid of anybody not active in the religion and they want to be seen with the "right" people..Or, more specifically, they don't want their family member talking to the "wrong" people, namely Yours Truly.

    But, does the religion believe that this sort of thing is ever going to make "faders" and others so slandered want to go running back to the religion?? They are mistaken.

  • Heartsafire
    You would think these fear tactics would grow stale with the r&f. Shun your mother? What parents want their children thinking this is divine guidance from God? Sickening.
  • New day
    New day
    I have a df relative,happened many years ago. I don't think he will ever come back. So one of the reasons for dfing, to let the person see what he is missing, doesn't work in his case. Most of the family ignore the latest heavy hints from the org not to have any association and see him sometimes. But as has been said in other threads, guilting somebody to come back is ridiculous and often doesn't work. A bit like a recent CO talk I mentioned in another thread where he said any baptized bro who is not reaching out to be an ms or elder has something wrong with his heart and is just being selfish. That really made me want to be an elder again. NOT!
  • jhine

    I just read that article and was struck by the last bit , Taro from Japan becomes a JW and his parents shun him for a number of years . Then their attitude softens and now they are speaking to their son .

    What stands out to me is that the whole tone of that bit seems to be that

    a ) Taro's parents were WRONG to shun him

    b) They don't seem to realise that they are have shown that the shunning didn't work !


  • Truthexplorer
    I hope one day your daughter opens her eyes to ttatt lost and adrift. You have probably already sent her letters, but that is a way to get the message over to let her know you will always be there for her regardless and that you won't discuss spiritual things with her out of respect for her 'beliefs'. and just tread carefully when it comes to that area. All the best to you and hope things work out. Watchtowers cruel policy is disgusting. I personally would never have joined this high control religion if I had been aware of such cruel policies.
  • fukitol
    I tell my mother who shuns me that her actions are absolute confirmation to me that its not even close to being true Christianity and as long as this shunning family policy exists it's proof positive they're just another false religion, like all the rest, to be avoided like the plague.

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