Watchtowers policy of shunning our own close relatives

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  • Truthexplorer
    Having looked over the February' 2016 WT study article ' Learn from Jehovah's Loyal Servants' and meditating on the 'advice' from the FDS aka GB regarding the shunning of our own close relatives if they have been disfellowshipped. The example in par 7 highlighting how a woman called Anne shuns her own mother for 'as she says' cutting herself off from Jehovah. I can't help but wonder how audacious and wreckless Watchtower is in writing this stuff. How do they expect to retain their 'members' with such writings at a time when the organisation is more than ever suffering financially. I liken it to the captain of a ship coming out with some wild crazy comments over the tannoy causing people to question the captains suitability to sail the ship. In turn, such discomfort and indeed fears raised simply cause many to get of that ship at an early convenience!
  • slimboyfat
    Not to mention it's ideal quote mining territory for any state or legal body wishing to demonstrate how harmful the JW religion can be to family life and people's wellbeing generally.
  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift
    This latest WT article has my heart broken as I feel it is the main reason my daughter has cut me off...I tried ringing her she switched off her phone....we used to chat everyday nearly before I was df....and I've been inactive for 5 years but that didn't stop them.'s pure emotional blackmail
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How many new members would they get if they told every study from the start

    if you become a JW and you decided it's not for you, kiss your family and friends good by.

    We have a very strict policy to keep people in line, we are not a cult but we do have some

    cult ways. So you must understand the rules if you decide to leave, you will be dead to your

    children, your mother and father. How does that sound and when will you be ready to be

    baptized in Jehovahs loving organization. And by the way, we believe in demons and evil spirits

    that work through Disney movies.

  • ttdtt
    James - the answer would be ZERO
  • Truthexplorer

    lost and adrift- my heart goes out to you. You should point out to your daughter that she will not be dealt with judicially if she associates with you, as long as 'spiritual association does not take place. See chapter 10 of the shepherd the flock of God book which you can download on line. What they tell the rank and file in the pages of the WT is misleading. The elders cannot stop your relative from associating with you. It is the fear they instill in people not to associate. Most witnesses are unaware of the 'actual' rules within the elders secret handbook. The most they could do is counsel her, but not face a judicial hearing.

  • stuckinarut2
    Yes, as was pointed out by the Australian Royal Commission, it is a "captive organisation" that uses fear and manipulation to keep people in line.
  • skin
    Been 15 years since awaking up and learning TTATT and still I'm trapped.
  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift


    Thanks for the advice. ..I've tried reasoning with her she says she is doing it to please jehovah! !!

    I don't know what brainwashing program they have out her thru in the last few years but when she lived at home with me she was normal and balanced and we supported her beliefs and made sure she got to meetings even tho we were not going any more ( we as in her father and myself even though we divorceed and he was eventually df ....and she stayed with him weekends etc at this time )

  • sowhatnow

    what is interesting, is how obvious and hypocritical they are in their own articles.

    here is from the THE WATCHTOWER (STUDY EDITION) JANUARY 2016

    a few copy and pasted sentences...
    Be Compelled by God’s “Indescribable Free Gift”

    those who were viewed by the Jewish religious leaders as “accursed people

    [gee, are not those who disagree with the GB viewed as accursed people,lol]

    [um, whose the wicked slave? lol, someone who says they are a slave...]

    Yes, may their love compel us to follow the steps of Jesus closely, to reach out and express our love for our brothers, and to forgive our brothers from the heart.

    well, then they have an article saying that a woman should reject her mother....


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