Years ago son raised a few years as a JW. Now struggles with depression

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  • rebel8

    Hi, I remember you.

    Is it possible he needs to deprogram himself from the actual jw doctrines? Would he be willing to write down a list of specific beliefs that cause his angst, and then pick one at a time to examine in depth?

    You can guide him to finding specific jw literature citations on each topic that would cause unbelief in pretty much any reasonable person, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of help from the posters here.

  • Ughhhhh

    Hi CYP

    I am sorry you son is not having a good time at the moment. Please be supportive and look into therapy options as others have suggested. My story is somewhat similar as one of my sons is about the age of your son when you were originally posted. I am concerned for his future. My wife who was converted about 15 years ago is all in. Presently she is depressed and angry (mainly at me). I have never been in. I did study for a short bit. I did so to not totally blow off my wife's feelings for this religion. The jw rap is subtle at first and did not seem so awful. But then once people are in it, it is all encompassing. The Jws don't tell you that right away. They hooked my wife and my life is a mess currently. My wife and I live in the same house but barely speak. Neither of us wants to leave because of our kids. My thought is that my wife is suffering depression due to the religion but it is the only thing she does. Or it is me that is causing her depression. I think my kids are being torn in two directions and do their best to cope for now. At least your wife left the religion. Sorry about your son's struggles.

    Hang in there,


  • Check_Your_Premises


    Thanks so much for the tips, advice, and support.


    Your name says it all. So sorry man. Been there.


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