When did they start yelling at professed anointed ones not to partake?

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  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    when they made him an elder he was nineteen and had only been a joho for two and a half years)

    Next meeting he was hauled into the second school with two elders. The young one Andy told him that he was just doing his job as an elder and should be respected and feels very strongly that he should not partake. The other elder said he would have to hate to disfellowship him.

    This couple are eighty-three years old.

    It's a good thing I didn't go to that hall when I was still going or I would have kicked both their asses. I'm a pretty big and heavy kid; 6' 7" with my 2 inch heel boots on and have 3 years training in boxing. I hate when people pick on the elderly and won't stand for it.

  • GoneRogue

    There is no way that they appoint someone as an Elder at 19. Maybe he was a MS.

  • joe134cd

    I kind of find this story a bit hard to believe. Perhaps a stretch of the truth. That’s just my thoughts.

  • GoneRogue

    I also find it hard to believe, one that give it away for me is a brother being appointed a Elder at 19, there is no way a 19 year old will be a elder no matter how much a cong needs a elder, there will not a appoint a 19 year old kid......

  • newsheep

    Gone Rogue him and his friend were appointed two months after the elders wanted to use them in a judicial which they were happy to do. There were also on Label Lickers judicial meeting as well. These guys are in the Elmira, Ontario congregation. Don't ever say it would never happen. I was there and saw it all as well. The other kid that ended up being an elder was just recently reinstated and half a year later he was made an ms and one year later an elder. He too went along with the BS of the judicial meeting and two months after label licker was df'd both these two were made elders. I wish Mouthy Grace were still alive for she was there for Label Licker when Label Licker needed some support.

  • fulano

    There we go again , 25.000 $ Rolexes, Masonic rings, multi thousands dollars suites, and now the world champion 19 years old elder.

    This forum used to be so serious.

    What's next, the private Rolls Royce of Herd?

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