When did they start yelling at professed anointed ones not to partake?

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  • newsheep

    Is this a new practice of the org or just certain elders wanting to throw their weight around? We had received a phone call from a once mennonite man turned joho and he was upset. The elders for three years in a row have hounded him not to partake. Last year him and his wife were yelled at and given a stack of printed papers straight from the org stating why you wouldn't partake. (young punk of a new elder)

    Then this year he had a young elder who has only been in the religion for no more than five years (when they made him an elder he was nineteen and had only been a joho for two and a half years) come up to him before the memorial started and told him that he shouldn't partake. On the following Sunday meeting this man gave that elder a hand written letter letting him know he has no intentions of ever stopping. Next meeting he was hauled into the second school with two elders. The young one Andy told him that he was just doing his job as an elder and should be respected and feels very strongly that he should not partake. The other elder said he would have to hate to disfellowship him. This man said go ahead that there were plenty of other churches out there that will take him. The elder asked him if he would really want to go back to the teachings of hell fire and pagan worship. He told them that they are the ones that want to get rid of him and so he will leave that up to them.

    He also told the elders that there is only one hope and not two. He does not believe that there is a heavenly hope nor an earthly hope but only one and that is you have to be born again, that everyone goes to heaven.

    This couple are eighty-three years old. For the last three years they have been keeping the passover in their home. Right after the memorial they go home and redo it so his wife can partake of the bread and wine. Another elder walked passed him last Sunday and shook his fist at them telling him to smarten up.

    If the number of anointed isn't important then why is this sweet couple being treated like this? We are so glad that we got out if people are being treated this way. Just never heard of this and wondered if this is standard treatment in all congregations now.

  • blondie

    Too bad there isn't a wow icon, I would have used that.

  • Tenacious

    All I can say is W-O-W!

    Good for him telling them there’s only one hope!!

  • careful

    Are they really "yelling" at them?

  • newsheep

    He said the one was. The other elder who has been an elder for years just sat back and let the young one do all the drama. The wife was so shaken up that she is too scared to partake at the hall so when they get home after the meeting they do it together. It's really sad what all religions are capable of . I wish they would all be done away with. So I gather this doesn't go on in other halls by the replies here.

  • blondie

    I will add, so the holy spirit bears witness with the elders spirit as to who is anointed? That is why the WTS has not officially made direct attacks on those who partake that they feel should not so far anyway. I wonder what other areas the elders come down on others.

    The WTS has for years said it is a private thing between the individual and god, no way to prove they are not anointed. Interestinly, in the bible section that the WTS uses to prove disfellowshipping is scriptural, shows that the anointed Christian in the story who was df'd was let back into the congregation not stripped of his anointed status.


  • Chook

    I really believe if this couple were younger they would be lynched for apostasy for not believing wt vomit. I’ve seen dozen of old crazies at kh get away with strange beliefs , but younger members I’ve seen some disfellowshipped for challenging the wt chariot . Old age protects some because of memory problems .As an elder there is more glory linching a tall poppy.

  • newsheep

    So someone can get disfellowshipped for partaking but once anointed they are really not disfellowshipped? Where is that in the bible? What a really messed up religion. I'm sure Jesus would have something to say about this since his apostles weren't anointed back then when they partook.

  • WTWizard

    First, according to their new doctrines, the "heavenly calling" was recently opened (about 10 years ago). Who are the hounders to decide whether or not someone has the "heavenly calling"? They are the ones that need to be disfellowshipped.

    Second, the whole thing is a farce. If they knew the real truth about the whole thing, they might not go at all. You partake, you are really putting your energy into rituals involving slaughter of innocent children, for the purpose of enslaving the whole earth. (And, of course, they never get prosecuted, even if they get caught). While you cannot stop them from making the original sacrifice (the whole injustice system is in on it), you can refuse to donate your spiritual energy. Even being there to observe it is enough. Do you say "Amen" to the prayers, even silently, before the items are passed? Doing that is enough. By not being there at all, you are refusing to put any energy at all into that thing.

  • waton

    Wt started yelling about partaking or not the moment that they confused the new Covenant with the Kingdom Covenant.

    New Covenant: (emblems) forgiveness of "sins" all

    Kingdom Covenant: (sealing of the martyrs) for ruling the cosmos. beheaded, stoned ones. (not whisky effect)

    not advocating just observing.

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