Fierce controversy over pastor's remarks about Orlando attack

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  • opusdei1972
  • opusdei1972
    Christianity is not all peace.
  • DJS

    Thanks Opesdei,

    The only things surprising about this account are: a. It is Sacramento instead of Starkville; and b. there aren't more of them just like it from the x-tian fundies.

    An age old adage comes to mind: If you don't control yourself someone else will. It is past the time when Western countries should be giving a free pass to the hateful religionists among us that are doing our planet so much harm to say and teach whatever they wish.

    Their vile rhetoric, just like that of the Muslim imam who spouted the same things a few months ago in Orlando about gays, is dangerous. Their hands drip with the blood of innocents. Governments need to step in and put an end to this hate speech.

  • ctrwtf

    @DJS I agree, with the exception that we needn't wait for the Govt to act. As individuals we need to voice whenever possible that this type of fundie hatred needs to stop.

  • DJS

    Ditto ctrwtf

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Disgusting comments from this pastor.

    I sometimes fail to appreciate just how religious the US is. It's not so bad in the UK.

    Why are religions so retarded?

    Government needs to monitor religions, IMO.

  • sir82

    Frankly I'm surprised it took so long for such a reaction to be revealed.

    I'm quite sure there are many millions of "Christians" who are thinking the very same thing.

  • punkofnice

    LUHE - Yes. If that was in the UK, the Pastor would be arrested for 'hate crimes'.

    I think religion AND governments are both very questionable.

  • Bonsai

    There's no way that dude doesn't face some kind of punishment for the hate-filled rant that spilled out of his fecal mouth.

  • ttdtt

    I know quite a few JW who feel the same way sadly.

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