Julián Assange—What’s Your Opinion of His Situation?

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  • minimus

    Do you think he’s a hero? Do you sympathize with him or do you feel he’s really a bad guy?

  • Simon

    Chelsea Manning was allowed out and Clapper and others are allowed to walk the streets, so I think it's a little OTT to try to blame him for everything.

    I think he's a fool, but he's not the demon they are making him out to be.

  • minimus

    Chelsea is back behind bars.

    i think Trump has a dilemma. He praised him during the election. Now his government wants him to pay.

  • MeanMrMustard
    He could send the entire political environment of the U.S. into chaos by setting up one automated tweet, contingent on his capture or death: “His name was Seth Rich”.
  • minimus

    Seth Rich is hushed up.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I for one think the guy wasn't so bad, I understand the concern of different governments about him and his leaking documents. Governments are big on public opinion so very some very important things are kept from the public to protect their interest. That the way I really look at right now. I think making the public aware of some things that different governments want to be secret for surprise surprise "political reason" is not such a bad thing. I have a slight bias toward the interest of my home government I want them to be successful and all for my fellow neighbor and me, I don't think he really hurt and government by making these leaks. Politics after all is a dirty business, as well as beneficial too.

    So I say I hope he get off easy.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Julian Assange is no hero.

    He is a suspected sex offender who fled justice (cos Sweden is such a corrupt, third world armpit of a country ... wait, what?!).

    He is championed by leftists as some kind of hero who talks truth to power. Well, let's see him talk truth to power in court. We'll see how big his balls are. He is the kinda guy who takes no responsibility for his actions. I get the feeling he sees himself as some kind of latter-day Messiah.

    Well, reality has finally caught up with him.

    I gotta say, I found it incredibly hilarious to see him arrested yesterday - the Met police literally dragged him out the embassy, head-first like a battering ram.

    Speaking of a Messiah personality complex, it's a pity we can't crucify Julian Assange ...

  • nonjwspouse

    Regardless of what Trump said about him in the past, Trump needs to recognize all the Assange has done that was wrong and against the law (for good reasons). We will see what goes down. Trump doesn't have to agree with Assange's arrest, thankfully.

  • minimus

    I never really understood how he could live in the embassy all that time.

    He looks horrible! People have said he is physically dirty and doesn’t wash his clothes.

  • Bugbear

    Nonjwspouse and minimus

    Fact is that Trump during election time loved wikileaks…. In the latest interview he didn´t even know that wikileaks existed as an organization. Could it possibly be so that he suffer from dementia ?

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