Hypothetical question. There is no more guns on our streets, would the crime rate go down?

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  • Simon
    For goodness sakes, two punk ass kids went to a department store and bought a pressure cooker and went online for instructions on how to make it deadly. They killed 3 and maimed 264. The number dead could have easily been in the dozens if circumstances were slightly different.

    As though if you removed guns, everyone who would have shot someone would do this instead.

    To use the example in other countries when guns were made illegal to own or dramatically reduced to their availability, violence with the use of guns also dramatically diminished. Logic follows reason.

    Pity the gun lobby has neither.

    This is no mystery problem with some hard to find solution. It's very, very simple and obvious and has been proven beyond doubt time after time - control guns and you control gun deaths.

    The problem isn't how to solve it, the problem is why hasn't the obvious solution been applied? It is caused by a week and undemocratic political system that denies the will of the majority their right to be represented because of the special interests and behavior of a few.

  • Vidiot


    I wonder what would happen if us Canadians felt compelled to arm ourselves to the teeth...

  • pbrow

    The gun lobby or NRA more specifically is an orginization of like willed people who are putting together support and resources to influence their will in the democratic process. That is not undemocratic. That is how normal everyday citizens can influence their government. I am not so naive to think that gun manufactures are not supporting the gun lobby either, that is why I am glad of my antagonists on the other side of the issue who would keep us in check by our democratic process.


  • Oubliette

    The world was a more violent place before guns existed.

    There needs to be more fundamental changes in society to continue the overall trend of decreased violence in the last few hundred years.

    Steven Pinker wrote about the possible reasons for this in his seminal work, The Better Angels of Our Nature, Why Violence Has Declined.

  • Finkelstein

    I wonder what would happen if us Canadians felt compelled to arm ourselves to the teeth ?

    The equation always equals the same, more gun violence within the population.

    The assertion that putting more guns in procession of a given population would statistically result into less violence with guns is nonsensical from a practical sociological perspective.

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