Hypothetical question. There is no more guns on our streets, would the crime rate go down?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    If taking guns off the streets reduce crime by 1% wouldn't it be worth it????
  • Finkelstein

    To use the example in other countries when guns were made illegal to own or dramatically reduced to their availability, violence with the use of guns also dramatically diminished. Logic follows reason.

  • Billyblobber
    I like how to counter the obvious logic that crime and deaths will go down, some people shift the argument dramatically from "go down" to "eliminate" to try to fight against it because they love their toys so much. I don't know if they literally only see all or nothing dichotomies like that or believe nobody notices them doing it.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't know if crime rate would go down, but the number of fatalities definitely would.

    Drive-by stabbings aren't nearly as effective as drive-by shootings

  • barry

    Australia had in the past many more guns than it does now. When I was a kid we had guns, we liked guns and we didn't even have to have a licence only the money to own one. Farmers would allow.

    kids on their properties to shoot the most common weapons were 22 long rifle not a powerful round .

    We had a culture that we could hunt but we never even imagined even using a weapon on a human.

    This may be the reason that 15 years ago we accepted restrictions on guns after the port arthur massacre.

  • kaik
    I am not sure if this can be applicable for all countries as there is a difference between USA, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, when it comes to crime, gun control, and violence. In Czech Republic, crime spiked after the fall of communism which caused many people to obtain gun legally. Having registered, licensed gun and permit is very easy in that country. The laws got more liberal in past ten years, and crime is much lower than was in 1990-1995. While crimes edged up during the Great Recession and lay offs of police force, it did not changed the overall relationship between gun ownership and violence. Czech Republic had mass shooting in the past, and there were mass murderers during communist era when gun control was very high. So, to me the gun ownership is more or less culturally evolved topic like in USA where there is a huge attachment to the guns.
  • smiddy

    I think the problem now in the USA is we have a two or even a three fold problem ,one that is homegrown , crime /gang/ related , and two, one that is inspired by Local Terrorist `s . or ,three International terrorism inspired from outside the country.for various reasons.

    The ease of which Americans can gain access to guns / firearms does not help the situation.

    You can spout off all you want that " guns don`t kill people , people kill people " , however people use guns to kill people .in increasing numbers in increasing incidents in America with increasing frequency .

    Something has to be done to stop this madness , because madness is what it is .

    Just as the Western World has to show some balls and attack Islamic Extremists on the ground , the only way to eliminate them as a threat to the rest of the world ,

    The USA needs to show some balls in attacking the Idealogy , that it is " the right of every American to bear arms." That is an idealogy that belongs in the American past , relegated to western movies , and has no relevance in the 21st Century enlightenment.

    These mass shootings that are frequently taking place on American soil , the so called leader of the free world , just does not sit well , what Nation in the world wants to look to America as an example they want to follow ?

    Is American democracy an example you want to follow ? What nation would want to do that ? I would say zilch.


  • pbrow

    Attacking the ideology of the second ammendment is akin to attacking the ideology of free speech, womans voting rights, private property/due process laws and involuntary servitude!

    Jefferson at one point wrote "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms" I am not saying that means "all guns all the time for anyone and everyone all day". The 2nd ammendment was put in place for very specific reasons, reasons that will never go away as long as humans need government.

    Guns are a part of our culture and who we are as a nation just as free speech and private property laws are. Thor willing, these rights will never go away


  • sowhatnow

    I do feel that not just anyone should be able to own a weapon that shoots many rounds per minuet, those should only be for foot soldiers in active war situations, and even then i don't agree with it. if every soldier had to shoot only one bullet at a time seems to me less people would get killed,lol. the man who invented the gun was evil.

    i heard a politician express the problem with background checks and guns being sold by private owners, say selling your gun to a relative or friend.well, all those 'sales' should be done at the notary public, like selling a used car. and the purchaser should pay 15 dollars for a background check. there should be a 'title' to go with a gun. maybe?

    So,now lest think this way, what if everyone on the planet had a gun hanging on their hip in plain sight? what would the mood be?

    a weapon is an inanimate object, the intent of the person carrying it is the whole problem. It would be interesting to me to know how many of those persons who use guns to shoot people have been mentally troubled, on prescription anti anxiety or drugs for mental conditions, or were brainwashed into a certain line of thinking.

    we have, depressed country kids who go off the deep end, unhappy marriages, miserable over worked people, or radical thinking people, radical, religious beliefs or gangs shooting for drugs or other material wants.

    all people who are not really happy. so sad.

  • gda

    I live in Arizona. I'm a middle aged woman. It's an open carry state.

    One night after my work shift a sleeze ball thought he'd sneak up on me on my way to the car. I heard him approaching and as I turned he saw what I was packing first and before he gave another thought he was off and running. I love my gun.

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